Sunday, September 30, 2012

Wake me up when September ends

I can't believe I didn't blog for one whole month.

Paediatrics posting was a hectic one. Posting started at 8 o'clock. And on Saturday, there's seminar that went upto 1230 or  1 o'clock sometimes.

And to people like me who's having the longest attention span of  45mins (extra 30mins if I'm allowed to chew gums or munch) , that was such a bummer!!!

I'm not blaming Indian learning system entirely. Some slacks must have come from my side too but I am done trying to correct! I have got to remind myself every single day that I can't expect myself of becoming that level of student I used to be or else at the end of the day I will become so frustrated with myself and get no job done at all. The pressure of MBBS is something, and the pressure of MBBS IN INDIA is another different thing.

Malaysian system is not the best also, but as far as LEARNING goes...

I just miss those days when problem based stuff, reasoning etc etc etc and bonding that I have with my teachers made going to school is the thing I look up to every single day.

East or West, Home is the Best