Wednesday, October 14, 2009

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It's already 12.30pm when Sir released us.
Today was our first case presentation. No,I didn't present the case,prefer to sit exactly in front of two of them and try to answer all the questions with the little knowledge I have. Well,I found it's easier to grasp points and info through Q&A method than to dip my face into textbooks,digest every single words and by heart,remembering of all them.Tell me,if they all tasted like KFC,I'll reconsider them then =p

We passed through a small room where minor surgery is being done,with lazy eyes but legs were still moving at speedy phase and stomach keep rolling a drum.It sang "feed me,feed me".LOL!Sir stopped us.Again.Earlier,the other Sir called us back and sent us home with an assignment [read:4 topics].So,what's next?

We went into that small room where we saw a woman lying on the bed. She's sobbing continuously,barely able to catch her breath in between. Forget about my stomach-ache,what happen to her?The fact that she's wearing scarf,make me feel even more concern.She had her dress unbuttoned revealing her cut-open chest,some fat tissues in striking yellow and well,blood is like..everywhere!And the surgeon,religiously cleaning up the site.Owh wait,why I can see the fascia pulsated so easily?Something is missing there.Where's the sternum?????

She had a fracture,so they removed it. No,it's not brutal decision to be made particularly when you know that a metastatic growth is having an overshoot there.Put it into an easier term,cancerous cells already spread from her breast to bones.ok,from the bones,blood may have migrated them everywhere!!Sir told us,she came very  very very late to them.That time,it was even worse.And having Sir to say this deprived me even more

"nothing much we can do.she'll die in few months"

Life can be so cruel sometimes.and that's when pessimism strikes and being optimistic is so out of track.[somehow related to my previous unnumbered post-that's part of my life i don't want to remark]and when you cross that path, all you have to do is to keep moving.appreciating every steps.

Anyway,speaking it from a medical and scientific point of view,it has been a very late call to this woman,hopefully not you.Young lady out there,make sure you get yourself checked today,you never know who will be the victim,next.

in remembrance of arwah Cikgu Norizan who returned to Allah,the Omnipotent almost 2months


udienjai said...

Anum, kau dah masuk clinical year ke?? sgt cepat dn sgt JEALOUS!..

"life can be so cruel sometimes.and that's when pessimism strikes and being optimistic is so out of track.and when you cross that path, all you have to do is to keep moving.appreciating every steps"

-->kena mula belajar menghargai dari skg!

MuniMuni said...

fuh.seram sejuk aku everytime aku pergi hops.the worst part bila nurse tu tipu time bg ubat pelali.tup.tup dah xsdar.

norfaridahanum mad norizan said...

hikhikhik.sudin,akhirnya.dpt gak wat ko rase envy ngan aq.haha!yups,clinics kat sinih 3rdsem,5th sem,7th sem, 8&9th sem(final yr.tu je kot yg wat aq truja blajar kat india nih.haha!

muni,anggaplah nurse tuh saje je white lie..kalo x mst ko x terlali =p haha!

MuniMuni said...

haha..yg penting aku ttp xske ble kne wat ogds tiap2 brape bulan..part aku plg ske adlh DOCTOR SYED yang handsome.tu yg wat aku teruja pergi..

norfaridahanum mad norizan said... membesar dgn doctor yg sama.VICTOR SHANTA KUMAR=)

tiba2 pulak ini jadik chatbox.kahkahkah

anith said...

xde tmpt nk tggl note..
sje nk bgtau, anith slalo jenguk ur blog!
hehe =]

norfaridahanum said...

haha!anith anith..comeyl sesaje!