Friday, October 23, 2009

< 137a > Gua to Goa

Sorry for the late updates about my holiday in Goa.To those who loyally begging for pictures,here they are!

It took us 10 hours of roller-coaster ride [and urinary retention] to reach there.An overnight journey on TT[stands for Tempo Traveller not Toink!Toink =p] was such a thrill you should never missed out in India.We had a movie marathon all the way!

Reached Calangute Beach around 11am and spending another 1 hour looking for the best deal hotel to stay in.Bla bla bla..Too many incidents happened but the best highlight should definitely be Hawa's reaction towards a Rotweiller [and many more bulldogs].HAHAHAAHA!Sorry Hawa,you've gotten my big laughs instead of a sympathy!

Fast-forwarding the story which seems to bore you people already(^-^),we check-in into the hotel,had a reasonable nap and TADDAAAAA!ready for a tired less hunt!

enough with all the shopping [for that day],we enthusiastically headed to the beach. Were planning to see the sunset together.Owh,so romantic right,us?Yes,we are!but we are all straight ladies [with flawless curve.WTH?]
So,here are some [too many] pictures.Please don't puke if you see the same entity over and over again,even in different pictures.Beaches just so cool and seductive,she just can't do nothing than to pout and pose! Yeah I know,it's so an irrelevant excuse.TOINK!

pout pout pout..hugs and more hugs...smiles and keep smiling!!!

with Shu [Hawa sibuk!!]
with An [Rozek sibuk!!]

I always feel pampered by them, maybe due to the fact that I'm the youngest among all. But hey,the trip was wholly my idea!!!

love making sessions!!! eyhhh??? ROFL!

and we had dinner at a Pure Veg restaurant [Rozek's favourite] that night.
Nak cari Halal's food sangat susah!

Why so serious???? Lapar tahap moksya la ngok!!

notes and pictures of the successive days,soon!
[don't ask me why]


udienjai said...

Anum, bestnya jalan2.. tp lagi best aku tgk pic yg cantik giler hasil tangkapan (tangkapan?) drpd kamera mahal kau. jeles! tapi takpe.. aku akan sentiasa berdoa supaya jpa masukkan alaun kau cepat k? aku sanggup menunggu cenderawasih aku tu haha' poyo giler. eh, tp ikhlas tau aku doakan tu :P

enyheartsdiamond said...

omg!indahnya scenaries kat sn;)

*suke sumer pixiesss;)

norfaridahanum said...

sudien:itu hasil tangkapan sama edit-editan.hahaha!tq nway!siyes dowh,sengkek gila dah nih!aq ada cadangan,ape kata ko dtg je mengambil cenderawasih tuh di sinih?ikut malina ke...dtg r dtg r.huhu!sedia duit tiket je weyh!!! =)

eny:ape lagik dik,dtg sayugia dimaklumkan yang photos might be deceiving.haha!

Anonymous said...

jalan2 tu agak skit...
jgn lpe mkn lak....
ida ni pndai buat lwk la...

norfaridahanum said...

ida mkn sgt byk ok!!!dh gemokkk nih!

owh,ida kan ratu lawak lot76.jeng3!
sure korang sedikit sunyi ida xde kan.

saya suka blog said...

anum....saje je tgk entry yg! u pkai dslr pe? nikon? sony?
papepun, nice pic! terubat rindu..haha