Sunday, October 04, 2009

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I had been dreaming of becoming thinner. Or maybe what I should say was appear to be thinner.Notice the bold,as they carry two different meanings.Dig in deeper=)

Ever since I reached puberty,this whole idea of looking great came from hours of pages-flipping through magazines and..magazines. Back then,they were REMAJA or SEVENTEEN [or MARIE CLAIRE sometimes,when money wasn't a big issue of the month] and I got hooked up.Carrying it everywhere and spent another hours imagining myself being as skinny as the models.What a loser me to let those years slipped unproductively.

But as day passes,I realized that I'm tired of envying that hour-glass shape.
thinking of getting the same shape as the vase,huh?
I did better go and hit some walls than to keep my hunger for that 36-24-36 stats.
err..TOINK!some people are just too innocent to grab the truth beneath a sarcasm

I was an anorexic once,and I don't say that with proud.Nor I feel shame to admit it.That was one,from those long list of stupidest and craziest moves I've ever taken.Well,that's life.Everyone lives to learn but not all succeed in becoming a mature adult.I've learnt my lesson,though it was in a pretty harsh way.The condition was so bad that a friend used to say that she can even hit some keys and play a song from my piano-like chest.LOL![too bad you don't do medic babe,or else you would have known the different sound your chest will give through percussion&auscultation(*-*)GOOD LUCK to you and your bacteria friends anyway=p]

I wished I could just ignore those mischievous boys who kept teasing me with those ayam katik,itik,bumper and JB nicknames every time I passed.I wished I realized that everyone is special in her own way,earlier.I wished that I loved myself as much as I'm loving it her right now.Because it has been 9 years of blurry vision.I have suffered.Been in misery.While I actually can get rid of it easily.

If I'm being too conscious with those pesters,I'll end up taking thousand pictures like this--->
or going on with refusal to take food--->
when I will be a lot happier if I choose to
continue eating joyfully
put up that stunning smile on face
and do HO-LA-HOOP once in a while!
or simply hide behind someone whenever a picture is captured!


[the last 4 pictures were taken during Brut&Muna's open house]


MuniMuni said...

Happy food happy stomach. :)
Enjoying the food is the best way to live life la. I was once like you. Sekarang pun Alan keep bugging me dengan lemak yang berisi kat lengan2 dan pipi. Tapi tetap tak sedar diri. :)

norfaridahanum mad norizan said...

normal kot since we are in the phase of growing.scientifically,macam badan kita tengah figure out its best shape.*cough3* alasan je tu =p

p/s:tolong ketuk kepala Alan tuh.huhuhu!

Aleng said...

anum..size doesn't matter...

MuniMuni said...

Haha dah xlarat ketuk. seem he is my driver xleh nak over.nnt die suroh work out plak. I've trying so many thing to reduce my aku rase care plg berksan takat ni ialah clash.haha it make me below 50kg..haha

norfaridahanum mad norizan said...

hahahaha!i was about to write about that earlier but..malas nak buat ayat skandal since my previous blog had been sooooooOOOOoo pathetic one!yeah,i had an emotional breakdown a month before coming to india that dragged me to 42kgs. lalala~~

but that was then =) my 2009 resolution is 45kgs.CHAIYOK!

norfaridahanum mad norizan said...

owh alem~~~~
benar itu,otak berisi,hati gembira,badan sihat..ITU PUN DAH ALHAMDULILLAH,SYUKUR!

MuniMuni said...

45kg?woohooo..all the very best..
if dpt post every tips to me.. :)

norfaridahanum mad norizan said...

haruslah muni..hahaha!