Thursday, February 25, 2010

< 178 > AirTel, I'm Coming!!!


I slept early last night. At 9,to be exact. And at around 11, I woke up to a call from an unfamiliar number. But I picked it up anyway, expecting it to be from a colleague realizing I don't have that habit of saving contact numbers in my phone. To be frank,I only have 148 contacts in my directory[with 10 of them being home-delivery or restaurants' number and he other 23 numbers go to Along,Acu Tok Nenek Pak Ngah semua.] I don't know,maybe I just don't want to feel so...attached??? 

That's the other side of story. 

So I went to pick up the phone with the usual HELLO? And I got the same HELLO as reply. A man. And he went on talking in Kannada. No,it wasn't Kannada,it was Hindi. I knew it, I knew it. Because Hindi is much more irritating to ear than Kannada or maybe it was my partial consciousness that tend to perceive every stimulant as irritants.  

That's the other side of story.

"Wrong number,boss". And the red button was clicked. I went back to sleep, for a while. I guess it's only an NREM-non-rapid eye movement sleep. Ignore this, you know I always write something related to medicine when I have this guilt while blogging when what I suppose to do is revising.HAHA!

That's the other side of story.

And then this macha called again! DANG!But I still picked it up because I thought that maybe they are looking for a fella who's using the same number as mine. It's not impossible since you know,it's India!! Why so surprise??OPPS! Actually, after every call I made,my provider will send me a message informing my current credit balance. It will be like "Last call cost:17.41Rps. Balance:85.41 Rps.To recharge,kindly visit our AirTel store......." Efficient huh? Kinda... But hey, how about you receive this message when you were on praying mat and had this message to answer your "salaam" or for worse,when you were sitting on the toilet bowl answering nature's call. Tell me who are capable of talking on the phone while doing one of these 2 stuffs simultaneously?Civilly,heck no!But since last month, AirTel tends  to believe that I'm capable of doing them. HAHA! I know I should have gone and complaint right? At least,ask them to check..ask them to do something-lah lan???But I'm a lazy bone. Not to deny that this place had enough of my complaints I guess.HAHAHHAHA!

That is the other side of story.

I was about to ask what's the number he's actually looking for. When he started....


Damn,for the last 20 years,I only know one person who called me Baby. Though I hardly remember the voice now, but I was pretty sure it wasn't him. He doesn't have any good reason to call me anyway. Nak kena seranah cubalah.*ok,emo*

That is the other side of story.

And CLICK!I went back to sleep. 

And to the next ring, I was lying on the bed, looking at the phone, smiling and monologuing "tempe oh tempe,sikit pun aku tak ter-stimulate ok" [ayat diubah untuk kesedapan mata dan ketenangan hati Mama&Ayah.HUHU!Hai Ma!Hai Ayah!]

So now,who knows whose number is this? +919845337393

 iklan:siapa nak berkenalan dengan Zahida boleh emel aku ya. HAHA!

iklan 2:airtel,i'm cumming..coming!!!!! =p


anith said...

ui ui ui bby~

norfaridahanum said...

banyak larrr!!!

lolalolipoplolita~ said...

tempe..tempe..same je ngn "orignal tempe" from indonesia.kadang2 trang aku-perempuan- yg jwb..ko pmpn pn nk kaco ke?cett~ntah pape ntah..

dulu memule dtg cni ktorg sorg2 kne kaco wif a guy.d very same guy yg kaco aku,lpas aku mmg obviously totally absolutely x lyn..(duwhh~~)die g kaco hajar plak.lpas hajar x layan,die kaco kwn ktorg,no ktrg differ d last 3 numbers je.hmm..ksimpulannye..bengong~

norfaridahanum said...

HAHAHAH!itu lagik r siot!
itu mmg dapat kat aq aq gelak kuat2 kat tepon tuh.
nasib perantauan btul kita nih. jom balik msia r weyh!

laila said...

eh pakai natang HTC ni best x?

jejaka anggun said...

banyak tul the other side of story. so where is the actual story la??


naz said...

hahaha! aisey. my name khan.

norfaridahanum said...

boleh la tahan..ko nak?
aq tolak kat ko je ah..igt nk pki chocolate r plak =p muahaha!

JA:aq mmg slalu lost..main tulis je.muahaha!

naz:terbaik!!!siot la u

LiTtLe SoLdieR oF aLmiGhTy said...

baby oh baby :)
haha.. tu nama yng saya panggil kat adik saya.. eh... semoga tempe tu tak kaco awk lagi kk :)

norfaridahanum said...

moga moga..haha!

zuld said...

habit x save no. kengkawan tu samer r!!! hahahhahaa..
pastu apis konpem r gelabah cek inbox nak tengok no saper call ngan mesej!! huhuhuhu =)

embun d tengah malam said...

salam maulidur rasul

norfaridahanum said...

kan apis sister like brother laaaaa...huhuhu!owh,haruslah inbox x pnah delete msg.nk ada braper ratus br start delete.huhu!

encik embun..salam =) sekejap ek,entry maulidur rasul akan disiapkan segera

hazimah said...

isk isk. akak selalu kene mcm ni gak.
tp akak x penah cek tinggal brp kredit
lol, actually x pernah tau pun kredit tinggal brp sampai la nak msg&call pn xleh :P nmpknyer lepas ni kene cek la.

dulu, akak penah bangun tdo and found out yg ada 20 miscall from the same person. so now, i learned not answer anonymous phone calls. wat saket ati je.hahaha