Monday, October 25, 2010

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Today is Monday. [Like you don't know.TOINK.]And unbelievably, I woke up feeling awesome and excited to go to hospital. Just for a note, I bunked the whole posting last week due to the exam. What to do? It's not that I'm not interested to learn. It's about giving priority to what's MORE important. As a 5th semester student, my pre-clinical subjects need my attention more.With university exam is just around the corner and causes my stomach to give birth to more and more butterflies day by day,how I wish Dr. S know this...The blame shall go the system,partly. I'm not that super genius and full of stamina girl who can go for posting from 9.30am to 12.30pm and then sit for exam at 2pm on the same day.That's crazy[though people always said doctors are people with abandoned sanity.]But yeah,if I was among those who study regularly then I might not have any problem to appear for the exam anytime.I wish...

The learning system here is different. In Malaysia and Indonesia, my friends had gone through intensive 2 years of pre-clinical and then only started to attend clinics during their 3rd year.And us? We attended clinic and went for field trip to villages and suburban medical facilities at time we were as green as 3rd semester students. Can you imagine? With professors and post-graduates kept saying the same mantra "Ok,this we shall ask you.3rd semester,fresh from Anatomy and Physiology,no?" DANGGGG!Those were the days I felt like banging my head onto walls.But everything has its pros and cons right.Early exposure into clinical skills is something I can be proud of. And as time passes, skills are made to be improved and improvised till one point of time,you develop it into becoming your own style. Your own style of approaching patients, case taking, examination parts and presenting the case to professor.I still remember my first patient during the 3rd semester, RAVI-A BUS CONDUCTOR-CHRONIC ALCOHOLIC-MASSIVE ABDOMINAL DISTENSION@ASCITES. 

Okay wait,what was I mumbling above? Hey,this was supposed to be one quick post,in relation to <226> entry. 

Here it is.
It was 11.30 am and we were so horrified thinking about who's going to take class for us. No class means no attendance.Attendance is what everyone scared of.Admit it. Dr.S, the head of unit is sulking,apparently.He has no interest to teach us since we are not interested enough. No,it's not unusual. We had been warned about it the moment we told seniors that we were posted under his unit.TOINK!

Then, a postgraduate student came to us and said 

"Okay,I'll take class on Cranial Nerve Examination. First thing first,we have got to learn about the anatomy of cranial nerves.From all 12,at your level 3rd and 7th nerve are the most important. So,who's going to tell me about facial nerve?" 

At least,I managed to say something about facial nerve,even when he asked a question[since anatomy of facial nerve can be a bit tricky due to its UMN-Upper Motor Neurone and Lower MN lesion part] that made the whole crowd to stay silent.Hehe,it's common here for Sirs and Madams to ask until no one can answer. According to one of my lecturer, he said, it's out of ego and pride,the examiner needs to show that he knows better than the students.So,just when he was about to wear his winning smile, I answered him.Short.Relevant,I guess.And he was like..."Okay,she's coming near. But still not the exact one". HEHEHE. Berjaya kurangkan dosa PG tu dari berbangga diri.Eceyh.


Ingat Facial Nerve, Ingatlah Bell's Palsy
[Pics taken from YahooImage]

Just a cliche note... in anything and everything you do, just get your intention clarified with your own self.Put it simple,straight,right and runs accordingly to what Allah wants.InsyaAllah, he will shower you with rahmah,hidayah,rezki dan barakkah anywhere and everywhere you go.As for me,the moment I flipped open my notebook last night, I told myself, "I'm doing this to seek knowledge for myself first as per His command and then only because I wanted to help my loved one." And today,in a simplest of incident,I know he's showing me His love.And I believe,that's the love I shall crave for more and more. The ultimate love over all. Love that will not die. Trust me,you have got to trust and love Him.That shall be a core foundation in your heart.

Ini bukan Bell's palsy..Ini BalaBilaSpastik.Toink!
Haz,I miss U


hazimah said...

3rd ngn 7th ke.. 3rd sampai 7th?
apa2pun kitorg kena tanya 12-12 hahaha..

Lola MK said...

oooo..itu mcm ke?tp kt unpad 8th sem bru start clinical my dear..ade lg 3 sem to go~adoyaii~

ok la tu igt lg..aku yg blajar neuro time 3rd sem,1 ape pn x igt..ok tpu..aku igt name for each cranial nerve je.NAMA je la..yg len..hampeh..haha!

oren said...

keep it up my dear!!u'll become a great doc one day!=))