Monday, November 15, 2010

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"If the law has made you a witness,remain a man of science. You have no victim to avenge, no guilty man to convict,and no innocent man to save. You must bear testimony within the limits of its science"
Paul H Broussard 
French Medicolegal Expert,
Chair of Forensic Medicine,France 1897

Finishing the 1st chapter of Forensic Medicine - Legal Procedures. Expecting more usage of brain capacity to memorize more phrase definition in the next chapter.

Try this,
~~~Forensic Medicine ? A branch of medicine which deals with the application of medical knowledge in the administration of law and justice.

~~~Inquest ? A legal inquiry into the circumstances and cause of death in cases of sudden, suspicious or unnatural death.

~~~Dying declaration ? A statement, be it written or oral, made by a person who is on the verge of dying as a result of unnatural cause.

~~~Death certificate ? A notice given by a doctor in attendance at time of death of an individual, after inspecting the body and satisfying himself of the person's death, stating the cause of death.

Trust me...Ini baru sikit wehhhh! And I'm tired of thinking why shall I need to memorize all these. They aren't crap, I know. But come on, I gave up my dreams of becoming a lawyer and even a forensic pathologist, years back.Okay,not exactly.. Still will give some thoughts about doing forensic pathology, though some [but many] said, it isn't worth it since there will be no private hospital will hire such expert to work under them.All dead body send to government hospital laaaa weehhh,they said.

Oh really? Tahun berapa, abad mana aku cakap aku nak kerja swasta ni?

Hello there,to Malaysian majority.This is a 21year-old-lady, a future woman of science [with a tinge of humanity] writing. I'm here struggling to make it into the list of serving you a better healthcare in another 3 years to come,insyaAllah. Care to pray for my success?

Us..during 2nd semester of med school.


are-known said...

Hmm that good.
Cause, you will appreciate every second more in the future; and you will glad you go through them with very own yourself.
All the best then.
Dr Faridahanum in the making. 3 years?
~macamana nak kawin taun depan nih~


anith said...

u r going to be fine Anum!
insyaAllah =]

hazimah said...

oh, final nanti kan masa viva.. satu station tu tanya pasal legal procedures, identification bla2.. benda2 yang diajar masa 3rd sem tu...

oren said...

aha..sabar anum..2nd year memang panjang worth it sangat!! act forensic med antara fav sub akk dolu2..kekek..kunun nak jadi cam CSi~=)) sekarang dah rindu balik da nak g otopsi..hehe.. khatamkanlah satu buku teks itu i.allah lepas sgn meriah* nye.

norfaridahanum said...

thank u all...

are-known..hahaahaha!soklan2 begitu wajar aq jawab di emel saja.sabar ya. tapi aq kan multitasker =p