Saturday, February 05, 2011

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1st year Medicine,2008
Lecture on Anatomy of Ear.
Dr.A - "I don't know how much importance is this topic as per examination basis.It's more unlikely to come out in the exam since later you'll have one year to cover this subject thoroughly.So I'll just tell you some of important things and get this done fast for the sake of syllabus completion.Other than that,you'll learn more in Part 1"

Final Year (Part 1) Medicine,2011
Lecture on Ear,Nose and Throat.
Dr.B - "For these first few classes,I'll be teaching only the anatomy of ear.But I don't think there's need for that since you all have learnt it before. Instead,you'll be telling me all about it.The structures,nerves and blood supply. Easier,right? We can finish this class earlier also. So,anatomy of the ear...forgot already?"


Student A - I seriously don't understand

Student B *dropped jaw*

Student C - I soooo knew it!

Student D *sentenced to death*

Student E - *in denial* HAHAHAHA.That's funny!

Fast Forward.
Lets skip this one part of being a student.THE CONFUSION.It happens,sometimes.
Lets skip this one part of  being a medical student. THE CONFUSION. It happens,so many times.....


naz said...

hahaha. beli lah astro beyond. u can rewind n play again.

anith said...

hahaha LIKE!

Lola MK said...

hahhha!! those pics btw~=)

IMANSHAH said...

eh muka sama je..haha

norfaridahanum said...

@naz,mahallah..tarak duit

@anith n lola =))))))))

@imanshah kembar lima!

Anonymous said...

it supposed to sound silly and funny; but fact wise, it is nightmare.

the world is all about expecting people to do more, thus we can always do lesser than that.

it is wrong.
but, that what other people always believe in.
and majority always win; in a loss way.

sound kelam kelibut?
that sound so me.

Amanina said...

lawak la kak. hahahaha. kat kolej pun camtu. lecturer selalu cakap, mende sekian2 awak dah ade basic mase skola menengah. so, tak perlu spend banyak masa untuk that topic.

tapi masa kat skola menengah, cikgu kata topik tu awak akan bljr lebih lanjut masa peringkat atas. takyah tekankan pun takpe. tak masuk exam sangat pun.

konklusi, selalu sangat lupa benda yg dah lama belajar. camne nak buattt? hahaha

HabHas said...

hahaa...dat's so true la dr likee it.. lots of confusion to ready -LOL-

Anonymous said...

gle lame tak wat kacau kat sini, hiak