Wednesday, February 02, 2011

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I was reciting the Quran after the Zuhr prayer last Sunday when I came across these familiar verses. It's from Al-Baqarah,172-173. 

Ouch!Kid you not,I used to be a school Qariah when I was 9. Nothing spellbinding about my achievement in this field,just enough to bring home a consolation prize from district level competition that year.I then moved to new school-the school where Perak state Qariah champion,Salima Habibi studied in, Sekolah Kebangsaan Jelapang. So that's the end of my career as a Qariah, obviously because I stand short beside Salima. Both literally and practically.TOINK! But we became friends. Last time I met her was in 2002/2003 during one stage show in Ipoh. She sang with a band that time. And it didn't surprise me when she finally made it into Akademi Fantasia 4.She.seriously.can.sing.

And after that I'd only spent time learning Tilawah in a surau just near to my house. My neighbour,Kak Eda was my teacher back then. She was once among the top Perak's qariah and also been singing in any majlis kenduri kahwin in the neighbourhood. After finishing school,she continues  used to be representing Perak for 3 years[or more] in Bintang Asli Remaja and she ended up being the last woman standing in the very first season of Akademi Nasyid. 

Looking the cliche goes, I do miss the good old days I had. How can time swift this fast?And how can I grow this fast? And oh, member satu dorm dekat SokSek dulu dah masuk Top 5 Anugerah Bintang Popular ni,ape kes dowhhhh?Haaaaa!SokSekian yang membaca ini ,perasan tak siapa yang aku maksudkan?

Anyway,if you're still reading this entry up till here despite my stupid English or Manglish or whatever you call it,please please please don't ask me about tarannum,makhraj and whatsoever. I forgot almost everything about them.I can only do this much as if these verses and the "song" I used for reciting them back then have been stored somewhere at the back of my head.Don't ask me how and only Allah knows why. But yes, I'm grateful for that.Alhamdulillah.

p/s: notice the noisy honks that made up the back-up vocal sound? AHAHA,like what my uncle said "Orang india ni,kalau tak bunyi hon,tayar kereta dia tak jalanlah" LOL!

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Anonymous said...

wish not to see you venture into their field in any near future.
cause Allah give the best part of your voice not for other to admire about; but for yourself see the best of you. No doubt, great Qariah will turn to be a singer with great voice, but it seems like we are simply a reader; and never ever learn the 'word' we are reading.

so, save the best for last.
got me?

norfaridahanum said...

AJ!sungguh kau layak digelar stalker terulung toink2 nih. haha. aq purposely set publishing date of this entry terkebelakang dari tarikh asal.tulis hari jumaat tapi dipos pada hari rabu lagi,dengan harapan siapa2 yang follow blog nih terlepas pandang/tak terima update dekat dashboard.huhu. slalu je jugak nyanyi kat enduri kahwin kecik2 dulu.serta juga di kolej tahun sudah.err...tapi bertekad utk berenti nih..mahu dapat yang terbaik,harus jadi yangterbaik dulu. heh,u surely got me on this kan?

Anonymous said...

for one, and few, i read page by page.
entri by entri.
and always will drag back to good old entries; again and again.
thus, i may found some pic are posted again-again; and of course, some picture are not publishable now than before.
which one?
you should know better than me rite anum?
ya, you always do. no doubt.

norfaridahanum said...

hahahaha...*jittery laughs* now you're scaring me AJ.and makes me scrolling back into my old entries. good huh? am i losing touch now? *cis gila soalan ni kan?* but no hard feelings..kinda feel the same. macam writer's block pun ada.ecececee. tapi having one reader like u,i couldnt be more happier..especially,when i seriously write for me,myself, and i. share them with whoever wants to share them..

TQ AJ.terharu nih...tuh la lain kali jangan berlagak cakap x nak bagi aku jumpa sufia =p

Anonymous said...

Ops. Dah ada comment moderator.
I believe, i know what you try to filter about.

Sufia nak jugak la jumpa aunt dia. It just matter of time. She may be one of your wedding's gurl flower.

Our writing evolve according to our enviroment and of course our deep feeling. The word, sructure, wave of expression and everything are matured by time. And mine are different from time to time too. And everybody does. So, of course we do face writer's block at some time; above all the great will to survive will prevail.

err. no. stalker. that suit me more.
Scary meh?

norfaridahanum said...

eh AJ..jgn salah selalu mahu kamu dan siapa2 sahaja yang hadir ke sini punya kebebasan untuk melontarkan apa saja yang terlintas di minda it a critism,be it a compliment or be it a simple thoughts sharing. comment moderation ini hanya untuk entri yang menjangkau lebih 5 hari.takut2 kalau ada yang aq terlepas pandang. dot get me wrong ye=)

and just adding a lighter note, i guess i pretty much have changed now. becoming more secretive.. even 1 of my brother said that i lately dont prefer to do the talkings. instead i choose to say "tengoklah dulu macam mana" again n again. toink!entahlah,dah macam susah nak berbicara dekat sini.sebab other than u,there r other stalkers as well.and,they manipulate.they make assumption.they spread false news [contohnya macam,aq nak kahwin bulan mac nih.pffftttt!contoh ye,contoh]

mcm byk lagi nak cerita.n banyak juga kerja nak buat.will tell u in "other" channel la nanti.

nway,heyyyyyyy!i should be "wedding's flower girl" kan? and i gotcha twice."that suits me more". HAHAHAHHA.sorry,cant help it. keterujaan sekali aq ini bila tatabahasa kau canggung bunyi. jarang2 berlaku ni.kusutkah kau,AJ?

AJ Nismihan said...


Saya, sebagai yang biasanya di gelar manusia ini, lengkapnya pasti bukan, melainkan ada sedikit cela dan kurang dalam sana dan sini.

Dan beruntunglah, kerana ada kamu yang sentiasa tidak mahu merugikan kami-kami; dengan berpesan-pesan.

gelak panjang yer... hehe