Friday, February 25, 2011

< 249 > Just Like That?

I was watching this one movie Dance Flick on HBO and the actor said this line...
"So you're telling me you woke up from your bed one day and decided to waste your talent,just like that?"

Stunned.And my heart replies,
"You can't be selfish and get everything/everyone you want in your life at a time. Get over with something to let something better comes to you. Hopefully. Allah knows.Have faith in Him"

Right now,I feel like part of my soul being ripped off.Seriously. All I can hold onto is 
"Maka barangsiapa yang berhijrah kepada Allah dan RasulNya,maka hijrahnya adalah kepada Allah dan RasulNya"


Si Mambang Angin. said...

Berdesup jugak entry kat atas nih..bagus...!!!

you can do it sista!!!

| Larasephia | said...

Yeah, have faith honey. Thats all that matters.