Sunday, April 24, 2011

< 263 > Strangers,again.

This might not apply to everyone..

As for I and my previous relationship, I think we jumped from stage 5 to stage 7 straight away. Or maybe, we had that stage 6 for 2 weeks? Can't remember properly.LOL.

And as life goes on, whatever we shared will always remain fragmented memories that I don't keep nor throwing them away. But yeah,we become strangers,again! Acting like we've never met. And I guess we both happy this way. Coz even we can simply say we had got over the past,things aren't just the same. Our paths were aligned only for that short period of time. Eh,2 years isn't that short kot? Whatever!HAHA.

Ironically,I found this posted on Twitter today - Trying to forget someone you love is like trying to remember someone you've never even met. 

I don't post this to reminisce my old love. Just simply sharing with you guys who are in relationship to work it out and give your shot to the highest possible before thinking of letting it goes down the drain. Seriously,what hurts me the most last time wasn't the decision that he made, but to realize that we didn't try our best and obviously, of what happened between us during the post break-up stage.We barely knew each other and we finally became strangers....

P/S: I got a bigger box than he does!!! and oh,shoe lace!TOINK!

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anith said...

eh dat young lady,
anith selalu tgk dye nyanyi!!