Wednesday, August 03, 2011

During this time...

During this time of the day,
I still ask myself why was I born on August 3rd,1989 a Thursday?
 Why not in September or in May?
'Coz it's a Taurean life I want to stay,
And I bet none of Virgos can compete my sway!
"A Leo always look for a prey",
That's what people always say.
But I see myself a different way,
Still I love her day by day.

During this time of the month,
I has stopped thinking what I want,
I has stopped figuring who is the one,
I soak up for the sun
And just want to have fun.
(Or maybe I should just give this part up 'coz they seriously don't rhyme!HAHAHAHA)

During this time of the year,
I sit and wonder,
Age might just be a number,
But life will not be easier,
Responsibilities are just getting bigger,
Thus I ask Allah to make me stronger,
To pace through storm and thunder,
Upon trouble ; never go blunder,
To love life whatever it renders,
Upon happiness ; I'll thank You,the Lender

NORFARIDAHANUM is now 22 years old.
OMG! OMG! OMG! Still a bimbo she is.

Lobo Prabhu Court,Lighthouse Hill Road,Mangalore
03082011 1840hrs
p/s: it's my 1st time writing a poem in English,tolong jangan ketawa boleh tak?


Anonymous said...

well said nicely written..hepy bufday dear...

anith said...

happy birthday anum!!!

Dzul Helmi said...

why not september or may??tu kne tny mak kot..kne tgk blk LMP mak ms ngndung anum then br cari EDD.ikot naegler's rule 9months+7days.
LOL..mood posting obs

cik aletheea : said...

appy belated birthday, cantek cake tue ..

norfaridahanum said...

thank u all =))

along gila!

cimOt said...

hey aci..hepi belated besday..may Allah bless u always..