Monday, July 23, 2012

HnH on Honeymoon.

Tajuk tak boleh lagi direct lah kan?

I just can't wait to see that gigantic pyramids

And go back to Istanbul...yes Istanbul, the place where our little love story started to bloom..
I just can't wait to show him all the places where I sat and all the streets that I wandered with one thought "How come I didn't realize that you are so important to me all this while?"


anith said...

i love istanbul!!!!

have fun !

Qiez Medusa AR said...


may ALLAH be with you and your husband all the time, girl!

BaYu said...

tak sabar nak baca citer kat turki ngan Istanbul!

p/s: Ada orang kater Bob ikut korang gak.

qidran said...

mana gambar mana gambar