Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bercerai susu

There she was. Soundly sleeping on my lap after I fed her with the last bottle of pumped/expressed breast milk.

I looked at her. How cute she is.

And how beautiful is that feeling. To be able to contribute for her growing body.

I kissed her forehead.Long.Never enough.
And I whispered to her tiny ear "Mama minta maaf ye sayang....I have tried my best"
And her mouth just couldn't stop suckling even in sleep! Cutie!

81 wonderful days (and nights!)

I just wish I can turn back time. Coz right now I am regretting my decision.

And this tears doesn't seem like stopping.
The breast engorgement? Only Allah knows this pain I am bearing...


HabHas said...

Kuat ye syg b..whatever happened, seems to be from our decision..but dont forget, if allah not permit, we'll not be able to do anything..he knows best.. B always wif u

HabHas said...
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