Wednesday, February 05, 2014

The last diagnosis on my list

What if I were to die of brain cancer?

Okay,that wasn't a nice way to say hello after a long hiatus.

I'm having this terrible headache since 1 month. And that doctor in me says something is just not right.
I know I know,I am known as a drama queen.

So..this terrible headache I'm having has been going on for 1 month already.And why is this headache bothers me a lot? Simply because I'm not used to having headache.I don't have any history of terrible headache like this,let alone migraine. The only headache I recognized of having since forever is that one I got when I'm not eating properly-getting hypoglycemic.

If this headache occur towards the end of day,I can accept it as tension headache etc.But this headache comes and go throughout the day.The pain is sharp and sudden, starting from forehead and continues to involve the sides of my head,just above the ear.Weird location.

I try to be positive and think that maybe because of the hot weather now.But Gosh!I have been surviving 5 India for 5 years without any complaints of its weather. headache because of the summer season.

Could it be because of dehydration?Yes,I don't drink much.Once at dinner time,I came to realize that it's my 2nd glass of water for the day.Oh!that happens a lot of time,in most days.So basically,my body is kind of used to it already.Come on,after 25 years of living with water deprivation,I don't think now is just the time to play game,body!

Worst thing happened so far was...the fact that even taking nap would not improve my condition.And and..I am getting many episodes of postural hypotension these days.Postural hypotesion is that dizziness you got when you stand up immediately from a lying down/sitting position.Sounds common?But remember one thing about being a physician, when a patient starts complaining of it,it's always your job to look into it thoroughly(Provided that the patient doesn't have history of mental disorder)

I am not a fan of aspirin/panadol etc.So don't bother asking me whether my headache improves with any of the medicine.I haven't taken any so far.

I don't remember getting cold/flu these few weeks.No sinus tenderness.So lets put a strike on sinusitis

I think I will have to see a physician soon..And I have bad records on that...Last time,my reluctance(and ignorance) has sent me to operation room thrice and 2 scars.I even dragged Zara Auliya as the co-victim.

Definitely not a mistake to be repeated.Anyway,the other diagnosis left on my list was related to vision.I have stopped wearing glasses/contact lenses since I started working.Maybe,hopefully,please God let that be the reason.

Cause if it isn't the one diagnosis left in my dramatic list will be....

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