Friday, August 28, 2009

< 115 > Sorry,Aunty Shorty


I was ironing my clothes went when the bell rang, breaking the
silence this morning.It's 7.20am,who shall be coming at this time?
So,I opened the door and there she stood.The most irritating homo-sapien I've ever met.That short lady with fair skin,"beehive" hair and nanny's spectacles.Owh,bala apa pula pagi-pagi nih??

Like the Blossom from powerpuff girl singing "Wonderpets,kami datang",(bidalan takde kaitan)she just crashed into the apartment and went to our kitchen.She started shouting at me.Owh,she might have misplaced her chill pill somewhere.Adoi!

"Come,come I show you.See,you'be been keeping this water tap open and the whole building can hear this water coming from your house you know." (with annoying facial expression+hand gestures and remember,she was shouting,in my house.WhatTheFish?)
"The whole building??" (biar betul?)
"We are very careful not to waste the water here and you people..What are you people doing?Keeping it runs madly like this?What is this?"
"owh..ok,ok aunty.This morning we woke up and opened the tap but there's no water and so we opened the other tap.Forgot to close that one"
"That's not an excuse.Every day also like this"
"Huh?Pardon me?I'm sure this is our first time.I'm very sure"
" wil have to pay extra money for this you know.Why are you people..."
"Auntie,look here..Now,I've closed this tap and listen here,if we have to pay extra money,we'll pay.We are totally aware of that.There's no problem with that.You don't have to come shouting like this.Settle?"

Either that last few words had great impact on her or maybe the increased decibel had surprised her,she replied no more.But I can read her face,she's still not satisfied.Still,she made her way to where she entered just now.[And there she goes again]

"I'm inside here and you're locking me in.What is this?"
"This is my house and now you can leave.OK?"

Drama swasta pagi itu pun tamat

Seriously,a year ago I didn't treat these tempe-tempe like this.In fact,I hate to act like this.I've always been reminded by Ayah to be courteous especially with the elders. Potray how a real [Malay]sian behave.Yes,it is undeniable that our morality is deteriorating but at least,"jangan lupa apa yang Ayah ajar kamu dari kecik".
Apron dari Ayah-"semoga jadi gadis Melayu,bersopan santun,pandai masak jugak" 2 in 1 punya hadiah=)
I'm just sick of people here.They took advantage on our kindness,even we are not that kind enough.And on top of that,they think we are super damn rich foreigners they keep afflicting us with this bill,that bill,this service charge,VAT(something to do with tax)and so on.I just got back from Malaysia a month ago and I had lost my temper a number of times.Secara puratanya,satu minggu seorang tempe kena sembur dengan aku.

Macam Tokei Ankur nih.I still remembered the last time I met him to hand my design for the furniture before coming home for holiday,I had told him crystally clear,if he couldn't get all of them done in 5 weeks,just make sure my bed and one of the closet done.You know what he answered?(ok,you don't know)
"Don't worry ma'am,everything will be ready within 5 weeks.Sure ma'am"
Then what happened after 5 weeks was................
"We have just started doing yours ma'am"
Like,seriously???And after that,everytime I called him asking when can I get my furniture,he kept changing the date and gave all that ladidada excuse..until one fine day,
"Mr.Ronny,last time you said Tuesday then Thursday then Saturday.Now you're telling me Tuesday again.I just want you to tell me one fixed day.You keep changing the day as if what?I don't have any other better thing to do than to wait for the furniture to come huh?"

And this Airtel guy,Noor Ahmed namanya.I gave him all my details for broadband registration including my contact number and he ended up doing nothing better than sending me an SMS every night.Apekah??Dah ar kitorang mintak WiFi router tuh dia kata ada-ada,just will take some time.And so on the other one fine day,
"People here takes money and the next day,gone.Cannot like this,man.We've paid you a lot.If you don't have it,tell us you don't have it.We'll find another people."

Owh,yang orang LG tuh (rujuk post sebelum ni) pun puas kena bubuh kot dengan aku baru dia setuju nak hantar technician dia pukul 4

Tapi yang paling dahsyat sekali dekat Bengaluru baru-baru ni sebab akak Kingfisher tuh sangat annoying ok.Our flights to Hyderabad had been cancelled,1 hour prior to departure and I didn't get any notice about that.Even travel agent kitorang pun cakap diorang tak dapat apa-apa berita pun flight tu cancel.Ok,boleh terima je that fact but when I and Shu went to the booth asking for any other flights of same route and she acted like she's one of Miss Femina India,siapa boleh tahan weyh?? Dah tau kerja kat frontline,elok-elok ar sket layan customers.We are always right.[haha!sebenarnya aku x pernah bersetuju pun dengan statement nih]

"The flights have been cancelled and according to the report we can't contact both numbers ma'am."
Aku dengan Shu dah tercengang depan kaunter.
What else madam??I told you,there's no flight at 8.20.It has been cancelled.
No,no.We've never gotten any calls from you.
But,that's what written in the system ma'am.

I paid no attention to that scripted words but that body languages.....Goddamnit!...was provoking me to act rude and so,the moment I turned back, "Stop talking bullshit with me" and I knew she did listen.Purposely.Intended.Memang nak bagi dia dengar.

HAISH!!Kecewa ayah kalau tau nih.Kecewa dia kalo dia tau muda-muda lagi orang dah panggil anak dia madam,ma'am semua...Anak dia dah ar comel cam baby2 je.HAHAHAHAHAA!

Actually,I don't realize I changed a lot until I kept hearing friends said,
"Diorang buat hal lagik r..Suruh Anum lar.Anum terer sikit bab2 marah diorang nih." TEEETTTT!!Sungguh aku tak suka description itu.Amarah itu kan mazmumah.Even semua orang cakap muka aku stok serius 24jam,aku tak rasa pun aku garang..penyayang pun tidak.Ok,sikit adalah.Balance je aku rasa.I'm a plebeian =)
not all about India isn't beautiful anyway =)
Hurm..time to pen-off I guess.To aunty shorty,I'm not sorry for today's incident but I'm so sorry for saying this.YOU'RE SUCH A STUCK-UP. To other tempe(s),since sorry seems to be the hardest word,I'll say......

yeah,bring it on!


udienjai said...

u rockkkkkk anum! haha'

punyela lama giler aku cr blog ko ni, dh la yg 1st one kene invitation.. haha' btw, thanx 4 viewing my blog yg cam-tak-berapa-best tu.. tc :)

norfaridahanum mad norizan said...

owh tenkiu!!even itu bukanlah satu yg perlu dibanggakan..penat2 je siti kempen nyanyi lagu budi bahasa =p

yg lama tuh..biarkan je r..xde ape yg menarik.ko pun tau.kan?kan?kan?

yeah,thanks jugak sbb view.mari sama2 memeriahkan blog each other =)

nobody said... ah...x sangke weh..haha! but seriously,some of the tempe.....sory,mostly....deserved kene hambur camtu....sometimes even yg dh tua nk mati pn...diorg ni mmg ingat kte dtg sini dgn hati yg pemurah gle nk bagi sume duet kte kt diorg agaknye....kalau ade bnde pape2 ke,kompem first thing diorg mintak,duet duet duet...kerjenye x pnah2 siap..kalo siap x pnah memuaskn..haih..tempe tempe..

norfaridahanum mad norizan said...

apa yang ko x sangkanya fazid????
hahahahaha!KAN???mereka sangatlah muka x malu kot!duit duit duit!

nway,tq 4 viewing ye =)chill~~~

notahero said...

...same r kite....
kengkawan punye statement..

"ape2 biar zul lead.!!bab2 ckap leklok ngan sembor orng dier best!!..

huahuahua..rosak2!! but manner is still in me..

norfaridahanum mad norizan said...

it has been instilled in us 4 ages kot..
owh lupa,we come from the same "acuan" <----i forgot how to say this in english huh?

Anonymous said...

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