Thursday, September 03, 2009

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This is my new buddy. His (?) name is Koku The Bulu.Koku is actually a short name for my favourite food-KOtiowKUngfu.We met during my 20th birthday.My friends gave him to me and they wanted me to name him as The Bulu.So,to be fair,I put his name as Koku The Bulu.He is so huggable and I slept with him every night.

Koku loves arts and music.He always listen to songs in my laptop without telling me. One day,I caught him red-handed.I was so angry because he didn't ask my permission to use my laptop.

So,I punished him.I didn't allow him to listen to music until he finished reading the book I gave to him.He didn't want to read that book at first but I explained to him that I was doing this for his own good. I promised him,once he finishes reading the book,I'll find him a friend of different sex. LOL!
Koku was so excited since he was left alone when I went to class.He wants a friend so badly.He started spelling every words day and night.After 2 weeks,he read 100 pages already.

One evening,he told me that he got problem with his eyes.He couldn't see far objects clearly.So,I took him to an eye doctor[HAHAHAHAHA]After checking him,the doctor said so many things to me but I didn't understand.I only understand few words like blurry vision,long-sightedness and spectacles.The doctor asked me to buy him a pair of spectacles.Without wasting time,I took him to spectacles shop.We tried on a number of spectacles.

But Koku was more interested in buying sunglasses.

I epxlained to him that people only wear sunglasses during hot sunny days to protect their eyes from sunlight.Since he spend his days staying at home only,there is no use of buying the sunglasses.He then said to me "I'm a teddy bear,not a 'people' ". (-_-")I didn't know what to reply

Finally,to persuade him,I told him,one day,if we are about to travel somewhere,I will buy him one.Koku was so happy.He has been thinking of travelling all around the world since he was a kid. What I just promised him is like a dream comes true.

Every morning,when he wakes up,he will sit on the bed and started imagining himself being in different places in the world.He's so eager to get there.
That's the story about my best buddy.I can't imagine my life without him since he helps me a lot.He's the one who helps me to choose clothes for the day
and play with me during our past time
I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!!!Flying kisses to Koku The Bulu.That's the end of my story.
WAAAAAH!!!!Welcome back to Standard 6 Faridahanum (-_-") Yups,at that age,words like dishes,optometrist,hypermetropia and outfit didn't sound familiar to me.And if there's any grammatical errors,let me remind you,this is written by 11 year old girl..HAHAHA! What a lame excuse =p

The idea of writing about Koku The Bulu suddenly popped into my mind when I woke up one morning just to realize this....

Darn,I seriously don't do him justice...Can't you see him terkelepek like that???ROFL!!I was laughing non-stop..Like seriously???This pose was so dramatically tragic..I might have dreamt about some karate classes that I ended up streetfight him like that.HAHAHAHHA!


enyheartsdiamond said...

eny suka cita sweet!!!eny pon ada imaginary friend..named bonbon;)

norfaridahanum mad norizan said...

haha!mgarut je kan??i had one juga masa kecik2 x igt dh name ape.we were all young once kan?best je..xde pening2..huhu!

Dzul Helmi said...

bleh bgtau ipah ni
knfem die ade idea nk wt essay utk upsr ni

norfaridahanum mad norizan said...

mengarut kan??owh,ipah br msg anum tadik ckp takut nk upsr..gedik sesaje si genit tuh..i noe she can do it.insyaAllah

sitihawa said...

yey...!!!KOKU THE BULU.....!!!
sebelum nih dia duk umah kite....[510].
selalu gaduh dgn MIKA. sbb MIKA kecik. KOKU ni slalu buli MIKA.

norfaridahanum mad norizan said...

haha!bagus2!KOKU nih aku didik supaya x senang dibuli dan dipermainkan..kena hati keras n speak out loud..muahahah!MIKA ngada2 sgt..ko manjakan dia sgt r =p

nur_amalina said...

anum!!! lawak la ko ni! aku pun ade gak, namenye bobo tapi takde la cite sampai tahap dewa cam ko kan hahaha nanti ko dtg tempat aku baru leh tgk bobo aku, aku tak tayang2 cam ko btw jaga koku the bulu ko tu baik2!

udienjai said...

comey ^_^

norfaridahanum mad norizan said...

err..amal,baru tau aq nih pak lawak ke?xde keje r weyh..bukan saje nk nk hargai mmbr2 yg kasik teddy tuh..huhu!adoi,aq x tau r bila nk smpi tmpt ko nih.dlm awal oct insyaAllah.sbb ade cuti ujung minggu carry smpi isnin.igt nk g goa.wuhuuu~~~

sudin:yups!tgk tuan r..ngehehe!

notahero said...

tersangat sengal!!

norfaridahanum mad norizan said... tau kakak apis nih manusia plg sengal dlm dunia?

Mohd Izwan Samion said...

gambar last nampak tilam basah?? erk...maksud aku, mimpi karate berjalan atas laut kah??

norfaridahanum mad norizan said...

MANA ADA la!ske sgt la bab basah2 nih..muahahah!

Noorlaila Mohamed Nor said...

the bulu?
ewww geli ahh
naseb baek ko tambah koku

weh kesian ahh ko karate dia
tapi atleast ko tdo bawah
aku tido atas
harimau n buaya aku selalu terdampar kat bawah

norfaridahanum mad norizan said...

hahaha!bulu2 dia mmg menggelikan dan menggeletekkan.haha!

aq x berniat nk karate dia ='( wahaha!ko ada buaya???aq nk ular!!!n err..laila,aq tido atas kot!katil tuh mmg di-design rendah je =) sila peghati leklok.haha!

Noorlaila Mohamed Nor said...

yela i mean katil rendah
aku still tido dabel decker
memang naya la rimau n boya aku tu
boya aku bernama BURHAN

norfaridahanum mad norizan said...

owh owh owh..sori..haha!
hoi!gila x leyh blah nama boya ko tuh..tensi r borhan sedunia disamakan dgn buaya...

borehan..buaya darat..owh,ku tertipu lagik..lalalala~haha