Friday, September 18, 2009

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45 days of medicine postings ended yesterday.Now,we are transferred to Surgery unit.I'm not going to talk about the first day first but I'm going to talk about daysssssss before we are being posted to the unit.

Lets say that I'm just sooooo unlucky to be getting KMC Attavar this time.As Medicine has OPD day once a week,Surgery has its OT day once a week.[I'm envying people in Wenlock Hospital who's having twice OT per week!]Thinking of Surgery leads you to OT,thinking of OT leads you to Scrubs..errr,I mean,that surgical gown/dress/whatever word you understand.HAHA![I'm envying people in Wenlock who's allowed to bring their own dress]

"Ko dah tempah baju OT ke?"
"Attavar tak bagi bawak baju luar.Kena guna yang diorang provide jugak"
"Short sleeve ar camtuh kan?"
"Tuh la pasal...."
"Tak leyh bincang-bincang dah ke?"
"Itu r..kalau dah cakap and tak dapat,takdelah aku rasa berdosa sangat.Tapi diorang cakap seniors dah pernah brought up the issue.And plus,ko fikirlah kan,dah ramai student Malaysia kat sini,takkan ar diorang tak sedar camne kita pakai.Tapi macam tu gak."
"Ambil macam nih la..Darurat..macam tuntutan kerja yang bolehkan kita pegang patient lelaki"
Wearing scarf and long sleeve will increase the risk of infection?So,wearing them other day while performing usual ward rounds has no risk for the transfer of infection?I totally understand that sterility is the main issue here,this place still can't afford to buy that some kind of sterilization machines which have been widely used in foodstuff processing companies in Japan.Just at what we watch on House MD series.It's way too advance for them,here--->India.I don't know whether in Malaysia we have that kind of machine or not[Along,answer please?] All I know is there was a massive debate on this before.

Putting an issue on the practicality of scarf and long sleeve to be carried into OT is seriously a laughing matter to me.Just because you think so,doesn't mean it is so.We seriously have to do some researchs whether wearing a proper Muslimah suits by Muslim doctors has got to interfere with their integrity and competency in performing their jobs.In Malaysia,few years back,one responsible man,a Professor from USM if I'm not mistaken had done a research regarding this.Shortly said,the nurses [cop,we are talking about nurses or doctors?ok,medical staffs!sorii...ngehehehe] were finally allowed to wear scarf in hospital. Aiyark!World O World.the Catholic Nuns pioneering nursing and they did wear scarf,didn't them?How about the commonly seen images of Nightingale,the founder of Modern Nursing?
Maybe Islamophobia has now spread its wings into medical field.That's a theory I can think of so far.[SI.AI.EI,are you reading this?]

I wanted to be proactive but I ended up writing it here.Yeah,blame me for not standing still for what I believe is true.And I hope Allah will forgive me.After all,he knows what lies deep inside me.[Adakah ini selemah-lemah iman?] I salute the students in some universities in Malaysia who asked for extra dresses and transformed them into scarf and additional sleeves.Thanks to the creativity given by Allah.Fighting for Ad-Deen=way of living,(correct me if I'm wrong)in Malaysia,the country which is globally known as an outstanding Islamic one,so ironic.Perhaps,we should switch the term to Muslim country.That literally and practically better fitting.*sigh* Wait,my belief and my political views shouldn't be taken as one and the same.I'm keeping a worthy scholarship.AND I'M NOT 21 YET.Screw that manipulative thoughts,people!

Enough with those full of seriousness notes.Chill~~~*breath in,breath out*

notabukulali:penulis menulis hal ini dengan harapan anda akan memberi kritikan secara total & rasional jika sekiranya satu hari nanti penulis meng"sidai"kan gambar dirinya berpakaian OT di sini.Penulis bukanlah baik sangat cuma penulis rasa itu satu prinsip sendiri cipta yang harus dijaga samalah seperti penulis mengelak mempamerkan gambar-gambar cadaver/mayat untuk tatapan umum.

notabukulali 2:penulis tidak langsung mempunyai sebarang masalah jika sekiranya anda mempunyai ideologi berbeza sebab penulis seorang yang berfikiran terbuka *ces,konon!* dan jarang bersifat judgmental.

notabulukaki (LOL):penulis memang tak boleh jadi serius lama-lama camnih sebab penulis tak pernah serius untuk menjadi serius.boleh bengkak hati owh~~~

The first day of surgery posting we were told about the 5 characteristics of a good surgeon.
That is to have
1)a lion's heart
2)an eagle's eye
3)belly of a camel
4)legs like a horse
5)and lady's finger??
finger of a lady sounds much better =)

I don't get it why are they using the animals to describe it.It's like,what God created for us human aren't applicable to do what we human should do.We need animal so that we could do.[Ok,TEETTT!I started to create my own lullaby]I thought we are,by far,the superior creations on Earth.

Obviously I have a finger of a lady.lalalala~~[ok,masuk lif angkut sendiri] During surgery,you've got to "explore" into maximum extent within minimum space and in doing that,flexibilility [or in Malay,we said as liuk=lentuk=lentik=LOL!] is undoubtedly very important.
OK,1 down.Next!
Eventhough my leg is actually like a chicken's drumstick[HAHA],I know it can endure the long-standing.I'm a self-proclaimed athlete.Bear that in mind.ROFL![hari ini,riak. esok,pengsan!ngehehe]
OK,2 points already.
That belly of a camel must be referring to camel's humps.The message is literally sent to male doctors.Do you actually really need such a stomach to be able to not to eat for a period of time? [Perut kempis pun boleh je puasa penuh ]
Next Next Next
My eye is no longer "sharp" but well,it's round and big,compensate lah jugak!hahaha! [Wey,surgeons yang pakai specs semua tuh,sterile ke?ding dong!!siapa nak jawab?]
4 already.So what is the last criteria?
A lion's heart.OWH....At first I found it's easy since to excel in Surgery,Anatomy should be your greatest strength.Not like Medicine with all those mechanisms they taught you in Physiology which I struggle to mug up all.Anatomy is something "already there,it won't go anywhere" but Physiology,"it's there,so you have to go everywhere".I find Anatomy is much more digestible.Easy Easy Easy I told myself until roaming in the ward,seeing how barbaric you have to be,cleaning amputated sitesssss every morning,I'll give it a big NO,THANK YOU!
Hey,I was born as a Leo.WhatTheFun?
OK,tak cukup kriteria.BYE BYE BYE

this is adorably cute,isn't it?
All photos except for that Miss Hulk are from Flickers=)


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