Sunday, November 15, 2009

< 147 > Confession of an Exam-O-Holic


I randomly captured these while studying today

Figure something???

Let me encircle them

The ink stain is everywhere!!!!

What a lousy post this is but for God's sake man,I need to get rid of those thick books for a while.
Sorry if you can visualize it properly.I told you,this is so random. I need to blog on something. I'm not stressed out,I'm not messed up.

I'm just saturated.Still,a bit saturated.Still,got lots of pages waiting to be flipped through.
Well,this is what I choose.And I'm living with it.No stress.No regret.

And hold on,another one of my 2009 resolution is accomplished. I can now write using my left hand [with a bit tremor sometimes] and it got stained as well.Haha!Just a matter of proof =)

And I don't have any idea how this Miss GebarGebu got stained also!
[gebar = blanket @ selimut]

Miss GebarGebu is the only female belongings I have so far.Haha!Koku is a male,even this laptop is Mr.Alpine. And I call this blog Mr.TT.sumpah aku gelabah tak boleh nak tidurlah kalau si selimut itu seorang Encik =p

Hey,maybe I should change the title to Exam-O-Horlicks,though I drank Nescafe like a pig nowadays.Owh wait,I haven't seen a pig does Nescafe so far, nor I'm trying to trigger any sentiment here.Chill!

Eyh,did you see my BigBoss mug?I drank almost 1 litre of Nescafe every night to stay awake.And another medium-sized mug of plain water,to konon-konon balancing the *osmotic pressure of blood.Too much of scientific thinking ke?

O Lord,this is crazy.350ml in a gulp [exaggeration] and 3 mugs per night [truth]. And seriously,caffeine makes a great *diuretics. No need for furosemide, torasemides, metolazone, acetazolamide, spironolactone, triamterene or the easiest to remember one--->mannitol. [dah,minah ni dah start merepek dah.]

And I should have taken a picture of my abdominal wall as well,especially the *epigastrium and left hypochondrium where beneath them,stomach lies .It seems to bloobs bloobs. [hey,bukan boobs boobs lah!!] What I mean was, the tummy is ballooning. Enough said. Blame the hormone anyway (^-^)v

Well,I can say that En.Stomach is working synchronously with En.KepalaOtak, Si Mata-mata, Cik mulut murai dan kakitangan-kakitangan lain. [WTH? menulis dengan kaki pulak ke?]

Okay.I lied.

It works more.And even at faster rate than others!Very efficient!!! huwaaaaaaaaaaa~~~~~[jerit kuat-kuat,konon-konon ada kesedaran yang diri dah makin comel gemuk]

This is going to be a very !@#%#@$*^&^$ week.


*Osmotic pressure : pressure exerted by substance / particles present in the blood

*Diuretics : the most prescribed drug causing a net loss of sodium and water in urine,increasing the volume of urine and number of times you want to "wee wee"@ pee

*Epigastrium[ER]and left hyponchondrium[LH] are among the 9 regions present on anterior abdominal wall after drawing 4 imaginary lines across some particular structures.

HOW I MISS 1ST YEAR!hurrmphhhh~~


Raja Khairul said...

A new way to be drunk is't?
welcome exam's week. Bye bye sleep well.

naz said...

haha selimut yang menjadi persoalan disitu

norfaridahanum said...

raja:welcome to india.
bye bye kajang =) wishing this in advance la ye.takut nnt sibuk exam =p

naz:haha!sini tgh musim hujan.sedap utk tido,apatah lagi bila berbantalkan buku2 tebal.kantoi!

Noorlaila Mohamed Nor said...

harta aku semua mesti berjantina yg lain dari aku
supaya cuma aku sorang je gadis
dan tetiap malam aku tidoq memeluk Burhan

norfaridahanum said...

bengong ko.Burhan tuh si alligator ke?

MuniMuni said...

Selamat berperang dan mem-bom everything!
aku berperang kuali je skrg ni :)

norfaridahanum said... pki bazooka trus la nnt. huwaaaa!!!cuak =(

enyheartsdiamond said...

da 9 regions..basic anatomy..;)

MuniMuni said...

layan kan aja. Aku pergi prang dapur semua dlu. Esk dh termaktub jd suka dan rela kat pusat asuhan.jom3

norfaridahanum said...

eny : a'ah.sgt rindu pre-clinical year =(

muni: selamat berperang jugak..wahhh! rindu jugak nk wat cmtuh.pergi r ajar tuisyen free kt diorg =)