Tuesday, January 19, 2010

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Ankara Square

If I shall give you reasons why I haven't been posting anything here, I will say...

- this 4th semester is a hectic one. With morning class from 8-9 followed by postings in Paediatrics Unit which finish at earliest possible, 15minutes to noon. Challenging! Not only you have to handle kids who seem to answer you with their cries and incomprehensible gestures, but dealing with the paranoid parents who clearly set up a radius between you and their child. And oh, almost every day, there will be Thalassemia children receive their blood transfusion in ward. Trust me, that eyes which bear the pain, aren't beautiful panorama to see. What makes me even more challenging is they take theory classes in ward!!!! And none of them will be taken again in 9th sem later. Ouch ouch ouch. Face it, this is the real Med School, Faridahanum. Move your lazy butt to library and be studious!

- so there I am. Spend most of the time in library. Make it like my second home. With home I mean....HOME! Who's going to study 24/7 at home right? So, I bring novel in, eat snacks despite the sharp glance from watchmen, I hum songs, I sleep when I'm tired and when I get really boring, I played Bubble Breaker!!! I do write study notes, but with pages of thoughts or CurHat [Indonesians way of saying Curahan Hati] in between. Beneficial distraction. Distraction that I need, according to my bimbotic darlings. More importantly, the distraction that I wanted.

- this 1st two weeks of 2010 had been the longest time ever in my life. Nonetheless, the first time after so many years, that I realized how a simple "Are you okay?" can bring such a big impact in one's life. We have to accept the fact that world has become smaller where news, though it isn't published in newspaper can spread even faster than time taken for a tree to strike the ground.[this is an environmental alert,in case you can't read in between the lines=p] And distance which can only be covered up by 4 hours flight is brought closer by 5 minutes phone calls. A 6 hours GMT difference, isn't a threat at all. Grateful. Thank You, my bimbotic, himbotic and mimbotic pillars, wherever you are. Hanya Allah yang dapat membalas keprihatinan kalian semua. For real, you people occupy some spaces in my heart, where love grows in it, and you people grow with it.

- I'm at unease to find that someone I know [I shall use knew, since people changes,right?] is reading my blog. I've been longing to tell this..there is reason why I don't put the FeedJit thingy at the sidebar. I wanted to write my mind freely. But that one finding from someone's blog is haunting me.  It made me succumb into a complete numbness whenever I attempted to click the "publish post" button. Thanks to 'the Zahir'[the title reminds me of Zahiril Adzim.awww~~~] for finally let the numbness subsided. Well, we can't say it now, let's see how many people are going to read this, Faridahanum! Or it's going to be another stack in your drafts!

- I get preoccupied with this one novel which I just finished reading this evening. 'the Zahir' by Paulo Coelho. I had been avoiding reading what I considered as "heavy materials" for so long.[excluded all my textbooks which weigh double than I am!] I don't do English novels except Sidney Sheldon's and biographies of some "outstanding" people.....and oh, The Princess Diaries! Talk to me about Harry Potter and Twilight, I'll give you the weirdest face ever. I'm just not into them. But not into them doesn't mean that you shouldn't know about them! I had one year stay with Yvonne who happens to be a HP's freak! and now Atikah, who makes me less suffocate whenever Bella and Edward names are mentioned. And this 'the Zahir', was also her suggestion. Inspiring. Came just in time. Inspired.


-and oh, nowadays, I sleep before 12am. But it's already 1.30am now. My bimbos are right, these all blogging, facebook and laptop stuff are just sOOOOOoooooo unhealthy for me. Physically. Mentally. Emotionally. I need my beauty strength sleep. Like ASAP. Like, NOW! Good night,people. x0x0 !


anith said...

uik ok ke nie??
btw anith pun byk sgt CurHat between my notes.. kdg2 pjg lebey nota ok..

btw, handle patient with smile ok? =]

shazruls said...

sronok kan dpt jln2 kt negara org

norfaridahanum said...

alhamdulilah..things get better,as it supposed to be, that is rule of life right?be it days or weeks or months or years,it will always get better in any way=)oh pastilah,bukan setakat smile,gelak besar semua cukup =p

shazruls,seronok skjp bila x yah pk psl buku =)

LiTtLe SoLdieR oF aLmiGhTy said...

Allah make ease tru out =)
tak abih bace lagi nnt continue..

░♥si lampu neon♥░ said...

seronok baca your entry. ! semua orang pon tengah bz sekarang..
and heh, edward mmg cute laaa ;)

norfaridahanum said...

thanks iz..tidak cukup sekadar menyatakan keimanan tanpa ujian bukan?

neo,edward sgt pale r..x suka!=p
eleyh,awk bz sempat lgik petaling street tuh.HAHA!

lolalolipoplolita~ said...

err..edward gleaming under d sun ok~~haha..i shudnt comment on dat,at least not 4 d 1st line..tp pe nk bwt..itula yg kuar kt kpale otak aku ni..huhu..

btw..no wonder iv been waiting 4 so long 4 ur nxt post eventho i jarang comment..[i prone 2 b an observer nowadays ;P] ko msti da jd mkin kurus kn??mkn snack smate..

hey syg..JAGA DIRI..no matter wut dstraction ur tryin 2 find..dun let ur body yg suffer k?really hope u x sakit2..sgt sdih if u fall sick..=(

k la..YOU r my distraction,my turn 4 sooca xm (it's viva voce in ur uni)will b 2morrow..so,im so tense up n i need a dstraction,smthg dat closely related wif my heart..you =)

thanx..guess my notes r calling ou my names 4 like a zillion times..haha..gtg..b waiting 4 d nxt post [read:ONLY IF U HV D TIME] haha..bye dear..sayang kamu always~

norfaridahanum said...

babe!!!sad sad sad.
bila kamu n cleo nk abes exam nih? i've been waiting for the "premier conference on skype" ok.lama sgt korang exam.i miss u both =(

HAHAHA!i've promised myself not to post a sappy or pathetic entries here right?no more!that's why i was away. x mo ada entries yg poyo tahap muntah hijau. =p

i'll be okay.everything's gonna be okay.i just need some hugs..even a virtual one would do.*hugs*

all the best with your exam darling.*TING* lucks dust have been sprinkled all over you.Hehe!