Friday, January 01, 2010

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Around me,they are 3 people born on January 1st.

Farhana Yem @ Cleo
I love you,babe. I salute you for the changes and my prayer always go for you. Never less even though GMT ask us to struggle a bit to stay in touch. Have a blissful days ahead and even more blessings from Allah The Almighty.

P/S: Lola,I miss you too. And Kudin!

Arif Bahiyuddin
I love your name,dude. You're now officially 21. Legal age already. Being naughty is still acceptable. As far as I know you, you've been handling yourself pretty good and what left is for me to wish you all the best in every single path you choose.

P/S:Oh tak,nak bagitahu. Cat terlupa besday ko.
P/S untuk Cat :Aiyok Kitty,tak tahu!Kantoi. Tapi,aku rasa Skin cool je dowh.Itupun kalau dia baca ni.HAHA!

Raja Khairul
I love your mails,bro. Thoughtful and uplifting words. 2010 will be another big year for you that I hope you will be able to shoulder the responsibilities. It has been a short time, still, to know wholly about you but InsyaAllah, you are capable enough for all them.

P/S: Aku masih tak jumpa Olympus pen itu. Mungkin kita perlu consider the novels je la ye?



MuniMuni said...

haha. Raja! dh cukup umor nk jaga anak org tahun dpn.

cAt said...

lol..ak tau skin cool je kot..=).. slamat tahun baru!!

saya suka blog said...

ngt salah kita pd org, lupakankan salah org pd kita...ingt baik org pd kita..lupakan baik kita pd org...kan? kompom tenang!

*F.Y* said...

omg sangat terharu!! hikhik... gambar itu sangat comel~~~ haha..

ha..kompem kene ym ni..sile bersedia malam ni ye!! kehkeh~

p/s- ak igt ko dh sombong ngan ak cz ignore ak kt fb. tp since ak jz tulis nenek je, mmg patut kne ignore kot! hahaahaa:P

p/s/s: sometimes i think i haven't changed at all and that it's all in the surface. huhuhuhuhu

norfaridahanum said...

muni,insyaAllah.pray for his best [and Kak Alia too right?] oppps!

cat,pastilah skin cool sbb je dia pun ada mslh bsr nak igt besday org nih.haha!

norfaridahanum said...

yg suka blog,well said =) thanks!

ye ye ye.semau la comel...haish..make me miss KTT suddenly.haha!
owh..yang "nenek" tuh. tym aq a bit bz. tangguh2 pastuh trus cuti.sorry!
hey,once a friend,forever a friend, unless...haish,talking about that, YM,YM!huhu!don't worry,you know what i mean.and we all know,deep at heart,you are still that chicky gelabah girl =)haha! love!

Raja Khairul Raja Anuar said...

Thoughtful as what you see. And thanks. And you know yourself better than anyone else. Take care.
Live live for the better years.

norfaridahanum said...

you're welcome =) i hope i know. and when i don't know,i still crash your mailbox right Mr.Stranger?you take care too!