Wednesday, January 27, 2010

< 168 > Wafaa Zulkifli

A quick note to welcome my high school besties, Wafaa Zulkifli to this blogging thingy thing. HAHA!
She isn't new anyway. Making a comeback, I would rather say.

And that's enough said.

I shouldn't be writing here since I have 72 pages Of Hutchison's Clinical Method to mug up within less than 12 hours. Mathematically, I have to digest it all,by hook or by crook, in 6pages per hour speed. Walllaweyh. Maybe tomorrow, I'll only rebus buku dan minum saja air rebusan itu kononnya ia rasa macam pati ayam Knorrs.

P/S:I seriously love this babe!Euphoric mode tiba-tiba. Because we really need to catch up on so many things and it's hard to do it through YM only. And the GMT isn't being supportive at all.

So people, do you want to see a slightly more gurrr...dix but less clumsy version of me? Let me take you to her world, here.

Now I have to go and bury my head into Hutchison's.Toodles!!!!!


ms. mac said...

thank u sayangku!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

norfaridahanum said...


Anonymous said...

satu pengajaran berguna.
the best is not to delete your blog once you decide to quit.why? because you may be back sometimes.
of course you will be back as somebody better, but you may miss something from history too!
yup, it is true.
i delete all my previous three blog for some reasons, and strat all over again (and again).enough said.

norfaridahanum said...

owh..i still have one blog which i keep it private.and membaca-baca semula semua itu mmg memberi byk pengajaran dan senyuman,walaupun saat awal ditulis penuh dgn tangisan...=)

laila said...

ok patutla dia mntk link kitaa

lolalolipoplolita~ said...

oohhh..aku telah diarahkan mendelete blog aku.sorry blog bru da de da..bole la aku mlpaskn kgatalan jari ni,walopn x reti..skadar nk mlpaskn gian..haha~~

ehem2..aritu try nk bkak gak..awat da x bule??ehh i guess,i dun need 2 read dat blog anymore kn??u shud delete dat too!! =)) yessss..u shud..hmm....

norfaridahanum said...

lela,haruslah tahu blog ko yg femes gila tuh.

lola,blog tuh ade lagik.kdg2 nak merepek and meroyan jugak owh.and plus,mana tahu ada rezeki ada KISAH baru ke,x mo r tempek kat sinih.taubat aq PDA PDA nih weyh. contoh mcm..kecoh kat facebook,tp ckp nak humble2 je,apekah?oppppssss!!!HAHAHHAA!manusia berubah babe *sigh* but i just hope that even if i do change,i will not hurt anyone around me.n that old blog keep me reminded of that =)

p/s:LELA N LOLA...mcm comeyl plak!

Anonymous said...

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