Wednesday, March 03, 2010

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This is going to be a very random post. 

Why random? 

Because 2 minutes ago, my brain all have dried up thinking on what to write here.  I stared blankly at the screen with a glimpse of hope that suddenly a bulb will light in between those sulci and gyri. As you know, nothing happened. Prayers went unanswered. [Drama Queen!]

I looked down to my right. There was a novel that I was forcefully asked to read -The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. Then I told myself, here’s the challenge, why don’t I just simply pick any word from the book and see how much I can elaborate on. [read:merepek merapu selagi mahu]
So, here we go.

*sound of book flipped open*

The man gave a signal, and everyone stood. The meeting was over –page 113

What is a signal? Should it be a physical object that conveys information? How about the 102 years old S.O.S? Well,this is what I can think of now. Save Our Soul-an internationally accepted distress signal. [Shit,this reminds me of pulmonary distress syndrome] I bet most of us are now imagining of smoke or errr... Robinson Crusoe? LOL!

“Robinson Crusoe is a very determined person despite facing a lot of difficulties” - I used to memorize this sentence for my PMR. I memorize it until now, apparently.TOINK!]

Sometimes, smoke is physically visible. That happen during open-burning, which “tempe” do it whole-heartedly [they love doing everything I hate, vice versa anwyay] and when a self-proclaimed macho,manly guy have a puff [and a step towards lung cancer as well] by the street.

Anyway,an informative attempt for today, S.O.S was derived from Morse Code. In this language of telegraphy, ‘S’ is indicated by a series of three dashes while ‘O’ is indicated by triple dots.  Short, and can be easily transmitted with minimum expertise through radio communications. Initially this is how SOS was done. The ill-fated Titanic sent this signal when it first hit the iceberg in 1912, but it was unfortunately taken as a prank. Too bad. They must be traumatised from previous panggilan hangit I guess..sigh,moral of the story, 1)SOS dan asap@tulisan atas pasir@mini roket ,apa kaitan? 2)jangan cuba-cuba buat prank call ke balai bomba. Apekah?

*clearing throat*

But if I have to describe signal in one word, I would say


The voice within you. Is a signal as well. Especially when you strengthen it with istikharah. Guidance from Allah will come swiftly to you.

*momentary silence*

Goosebumps tak? Goosebumps tak? TOINK!

 [Cis,asal istikharah je kau dah fikir kahwin ek Senah?Banyak lagi urusan dunia nih perlukan istikharah kau tahu]

Wait, to make this more random. How about I write on traffic signal? I got my “P” class driving licence a month before flying [without wings] to India. And it has been kept carefully inside Ayah’s wallet since then. There’s no use of bringing it here anyway. This coming July he’ll get it upgrades [?] to “C” class. Competent? Now I can’t stop laughing. And now you’re asking what is the relation between traffic signal and driving licence? Naaahh, even I also don’t know. I believe they have tight bond to each other. Blerghh!!!!
I told you, this is random. I really want to write. But I guess I have to stop now. I’m laughing like p** already. Me? Being a competent driver on road? God, please save the world. Don’t you know when I was young [and innocent],18 to be accurate,  I interpreted this signboard.....

 “Recyling Center Ahead”.  Enough to be laughed off by my entire family that whole week. TOINK!

I’m so into recycling you know? Well, just take that as a word from a person who just told you how much she hates open-burning. Sounds like a perfect combo. Or maybe a wise excuse from a bimbo. HAHAHA! But hey, they do look alike. Don’t they? 

Random sungguh ni,ambik ko!

So in one word, what does a signal means to you?


anith said...


glk golek2 untuk byk mnde!

naz said...

ahahhaha sungguh tinggi imaginasi u norfa

norfaridahanum said...

ok,sila join family banyak mende ke? *muka bimbo*

naz,itu bukan imaginasi.itu konklusi budak umur 18 tahun dan blum ada lesen memandu=p

Anonymous said...

tepok dada tyer minda~

larasephia said...

when I was a kid, I thought that sign means "jalan berpusing2 di hadapan" atau "jalan byk kona2"

comey kan? :P

zuld said...

apis raser memang ader 'sign' r yg diberi..
baru samalam terkenang nak post kat fb anum... NIAT BAIK utk menghebahkan bahwa 'P' saya dah nak abez nex week... (wlaupon,dah 3 bulan x pegang stereng!mama r x kasik nie..) engat nak gak r kutuk2 anum...hikhikhik!!
tapi... tetiba jer plak isu nie dah naek dulu dalam blog! cet!! =)

norfaridahanum said...


larasephia:cis,camne u jadi lagik comel dari i nih?

apis:well...dah nama pun famili kan? huwaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!livina oh livina =(

zuld said...

owh.. livina itu r... dan kancil... saga jgan cakap r!
mama dah cabut sticker 'p' awal2 lagik...
pastu claimed ader simpan kat belakang... tp, x de pon!! so, saya pun pasrahnya kasiklah kunci pd along utk bawak!!! huhuhuhu
(mama, tolong baca! hahahaha)

zuld said...
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