Thursday, April 29, 2010

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Pemphigus vulgaris - Bullous Pemphigoid - Nikolsky's Sign - Bullet spread sign - Tzanck smear - Giemsa stain - Wright stain - SJS-TEN [Steven Johnson Syndrome- Toxic Epidermal Necrosis] - Fish net appearance

Guttet psoriasis - Electrodermal psoriasis - Pustular psoriasis - Chronic plaque psoriasis - Psoriatic arthritis - Koebner's phenomenon - Isomorphism

Lichenification - Lichens planus - Lichens simplex - Seborrheic dermatitis

HLA B27 Antigen - Ankylosing spondylitis - Inflammatory bowel disease - Rheumatoid Arthritis - ???????

Onycholysis - Beau's lines - Thimble pitting - Subungual hyperkeratosis - Acantholytic cells

Tinea capitis - Tinea corporis - Tinea manuum - Tinea unguium - Tinea cruris - Tinea pedis - 10% Potassium hydroxide scraping - Wood's lamp - Sabouraud's dextrose agar

C.R.E.S.T syndrome - Calcinosis, Reynaud's phenomenon, esophageal dysmotility, Sclerodactyly, Telangiectasia, Salt and pepper appearance

Scabies - Circle of Hebra - 5% permethrine - benzyl benzoate - ???????

Vitiligo - Impetigo - Pityriasis Versicolor - Spaghetti and meatball appearance

Borderline leprosy - borderline tuberculoid leprosis - borderline lepromatous leprosy - Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

Topical corticosteroid - Retinoid - Cyclosporin - Methotrexate - Azithromycin - ????

Phototherapy - Cryotherapy - Liquid nitrogen - Immunofluorescence Test

Syphilis - Chancre - Chancroid - HIV AIDS


10.30 AM
KMC Hospital,Attavar

Dalam mimpi aku berkata, MATI LA WEYYYY ESOK NIHHH,MATI!


izyan said...


psenk said...

good luck tomorrow!

LiTtLe SoLdieR oF aLmiGhTy said...

all the best..
Allah make ease tru out ur battle..
do pray for me too..

loves & prayers;
big kungfu panda hugggssss =)
Allah bless you

Anonymous said...

the negativeness is come after you put some many expectation and restriction.

it suppose to be easy.
You try your best, then let Allah decide the best for us.
Then, accept that.

so, how End-posting exam goes?
hope you have better than great words to explain them.
and, i am waiting here my little Doc :)

anith said...


all the best anum..

anith dh 3 paper lepas!
ptg nie lagi satu!
isnin satu

then next week nye, 2!

nnt anith wat ur tagged ok dear?

norfaridahanum said...

thanks all =))))

and special to bro AJ,alhamdulillah,it went hentam satu soklan gak ah.well,jgn ckp exam kalo xde yg dihentam kan?huhu!

anith,usaha!!!pastuh leyh balik msia.n anumpunya exam lagik 15days.takutttttt