Tuesday, May 04, 2010

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I'm disturbed.
And so I come here.TOINK!
And I write this.

Last semester. Sir Anand Menon took the class that day and he gave a brief introduction on Forensic Medicine. About what ForMed is concerning on blablabla. And he proceeded to further elaboration with something like "there's one English author who deals with Medical Jurisprudence in most of his books. In case you know.." He was looking directly to me,with his wrinkled forehead,forcibly refreshing his memory it seems, when I said, "John Grisham,sir?" He nodded, "Yes,Grisham,Grisham"

Last month. In Ballistic class, we were being taught of type of fire-arm and respective injuries they produce from variable distances. Sir Suresh Shetty wanted someone to do a presentation on one small topic known as Kennedy's phenomenon. Of course there will be no one volunteering since exam is approaching, that he finally had to appoint a student to do it. Then, he started asking about JFK ladidadida and the details of his murder which is obviously,has nothing to do with MBBS but I had swiftly answered that JFK is the 35th President of the US and that the murderer was Lee H.Oswald.

This morning. During the 3rd class of Sexual Jurisprudence by Sir Tanuj Kanchan [he is the coolest guy on Earth!LOL], we learned that traces of semen can remain upto years on paper,clothes,mattress etc. Then, he went on asking "Can you recall any high-profile case on the basis of this fact?" Long silence. No one answered. Taboo,maybe. I had one name in my head-Monica Lewinsky. And when Tanuj Sir asked the class again, "Do you people know Bill Clinton?", I couldn't help it but to smile widely. And on the next slide,there is a written quote "I'm a fortunate homosexual".Tanuj Sir asked us to make sense of the slide and since there's a pin-drop silence, I whispered to Rozek, Ricky Martin!HAHAHAHA!Sorry Sir,you can't catch me!

Those were the incidents in Forensic classes. Lets take a peek into Pharmacology classes.

Tutorial on steroids and Sir [I forgot his name,oh wait, I don't know his name actually] started with history on the usage of steroids. It actually became a hype when it was found to be used by an Olympic Gold Medallist back in 1988. As you expected, we were asked whether we know who was the sprinter. Someone confidently answered....Ben Johnson. And if you're reading this from the beginning,by now,you shall know who that someone is.TOINK!

Next. What Sigmund Freud has got to do with antipsychotic drugs?
What a Chicken Little question...Sigmund Freud is a psychoanalyst. I had been using his name quite a lot during my debating days.

There were many more questions answered by me in just a blink of an eye, but I'd better stop here before you people puke.

Why the hell on Earth I wrote a boastful post like this?

So you do think I'm bragging?

Oh well,I answered questions. I shall be proud of myself. Average students can do that,right?

I wish I can feel that way. But in reality,right now I feel !#!#$@#%^&$#@(&##
The truth are

-I failed to give the definition of Medical Jurisprudence during last sessional Viva-Voce.

-I can say that the only thing I know from Ballistics classes is that there are 2 types of fire-arm; short-gun and riffled fire-arm. And this knowledge spares me one mark only in the exam.

-I still can't tell you which section of Indian Penal Code [IPC] mentions about homosexuality, sodomy, rape, sexual assault, bestiality etc although the exam is nearing.

-From long list of corticosteoroids, I only know prednisolone....and methylprednisolone...

-Antipsychotics drugs???I can enumerate none of them.

I walk with a big capital L stamped on my forehead.
Naahhh,me being dramatic again.
But yeah,I'm such a loser.
I'm far below the average.Hurmphhhhh.

And somehow,I just feel like I don't belong here.

I want to be a doctor OR I'm a doctor-to-be OR I'm a doctor wannabe?



naz said...

hahaha ricky martin tu dah betul apa. eh tiba tiba seronok pulak baca u belajar bagai nie. u such a loser? no no no no loser tu macam i u tu winner. chill la norfa. slow and steady

Anonymous said...

salam sis

don't read any after this line if you are really looser, cause nothing of them mean for you


Dear my litter sister,
The world is completely uncertain in everything; except those written. And you know nothing about what was written for you; specifically under your name; Nurfarifahanum.

so, should you fall down even before you step forward? that is so pity gurl. You simply deny the potential that Allah gift to you.

dont you think that you are special from others?
I know I am. Cause, Allah never create the same people twice. Nobody is completely copycat of others; so we are special by default!

macam nih lah.

cuba hang fikir, sebab apa hang tau fact yang orang lain tak pernah nak ambik tahu? ya, seperti perkara yang hang bangkitkan di atas la?

sebabnya satu jer....

sebab, benda2yang hang boleh jawap tadi adalah benda yang hang suka/love to/minat. so, hang akan baca dengan hati dan mencari sumber untuk pemahaman.

so, kenapa bab belajar nih lemah sikit?
cause, you never put you interest that much for your academic reason.
ya, you dont!
believe me you dont!

kenapa lak aku cakap macam tuh?

cause, if you really in love, you will know exactly what you lover is all about.

so, nak buat macamana?

1. balik pada Allah. pohon pada Dia moga di bersihkan hati dan perasaan hang.
2. berfikir dengan hati, apa sebabnya hang belajar jauh2 nih? dan pasti saja sebab tuh tak berubah so, kenapa hati nak berubah pulak?
3. lastly, kenang satu jer. membazir jer rindu dan airmata yang ada kalau kita tak balik dengan kegembiraan, ye tak?

so, esok lusa jer nak exam nih, sempat ker?
it is never too late rite? cause Allah is The Almighty; "Kun Fa Ya Kun". If you believe Allah, then you should believe on Allah ability too!

Anonymous said...

bukan apa, esok lusa sapa nak jadi Doctor untuk sufia lak? dah janji kan hari tuh!

(ops, termasuk 2 comments pulak. bedal jer lah)

udienjai said...

Alololo anum. jangan la rasa inferior sangat. seriously, aku langsung tak tau apa2 pun nak jawab soalan2 cepu emas kat atas tu, kecuali ricky martin. lol. kalau kau tanya pasal siti, urm, sure aku boleh jawab dengan tengangnya.

Anum, ya. Semua orang ada kelebihan dan kekurangan. Tapi percayalah, aku rasa kau dah cukup sempurna dengan apa yg kau ada skg! :)


irah said...

hey, dun feel so low. c'mon, u can do better. still long journey to go! u can do it. study n pray hard, ok. :)

anith said...

ui anum!
cool dear..
dun worie, u r soo like going to be a fine doctor..
trust me..


norfaridahanum said...

thank u people...it's always makes me feel good if not better when i know that there are plenty of shoulders i can rely on still=)))

naz,u bukan loser.if u ever feel so,it's ok,sooner you'll realize that youre actually a winner.il pray for that.insyaAllah

Bro AJ,ko slalu buat aq sentap kan!!!ok,sekarang Sufia dah termasuk antara sebab aq perlu jadi doktor.berusaha!

sudien,haruslah ko fhm kot...aq x segigih ko dowh.=(((

UUUUuuuu,rindu pls zmn A-level.especially dgn lecturer yg sempoi mcm u

anith,muahhhhhhxzzz!tq 4 d faith u hv in me.tc