Tuesday, April 20, 2010

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Thit was the favourite motivational quote or whatever you call it during our school days. We used to have it paste on the class notice board,again, whatever you call it.

I don't know how to describe myself when it comes to planning. Even though I like things to be in an ordered way, I think I am more of a spontaneous person. I find indulgence in hecticness and the rush of adrenaline. So shall I say I'm very efficient since as best as I can, I'll make sure everything goes in smooth systematic way whenever it falls into my hand? But this efficiency is somehow...periodic.At times, I need a break. At times, I need an escape. At times, I failed to do magic.

NAAAHHHHHH...what a dramatic introduction. Lets see how it correlates with my drama which happened last Sunday.

Saturday's night,the night which always termed as "malam berfoya-foya" among medical students here. Give me an exclusion since I go "berfoya-foya" like..every night? LOL! But hey,that night I was in library, religiously flipping the Medical Microbiology pages by pages. Let me tell you this,I had 25 species of bacteria to study for the sessional exam,and the parasites,and the applied part,and the laboratory practicals and and the list goes on.And that's only for Microbiology. They are longer lists for another 6 subjects which I shall not dictate here since right now,I feel so POYO already. Semua orang pun kena belajar kan???huhu!

So, as I just started with the first bacteria on the list, that is the Staphylococcus Aureus, I was planning of proceeding with Streptococcus and Pneumococcus the next day. That is Sunday-a perfect day to roll on the bed like there's no tomorrow.Blerghh!

And when Sunday came,I woke up as early as ...[not too early actually =p] as I had planned to go swimming with Dian,which never happened since we both felt the reluctancy to leave the bed.LOL.So that was a plan.And...a failure.And since I have this belief that "rezeki akan jadi mahal" if I sleep after Subuh prayer,I decided to stay awake..by...surfing the internet. Facebook had bored me already. I have nothing to write in Blogger. I viewed a number of VC on YouTube till finally I remembered about tv3online. ngeehhhhhhheeee!To be honest,I've never browse the website using this MissPinky. Kira dah sebulan jugalah tak tengok drama melayu terbaru.Dah lah panggung wayang India ni pun aku tak pernah masuk. Lame kan aku?.

And fortunately unfortunate,there's one new drama is being aired right now. ADAMAYA. The drama version of "I'm Not Single" movie. Lisa Surihani maintains the role as the heroine while Sein Ruffedge plays the counterpart role replacing Farid Kamil.The story is somehow similar to most of Korean dramas,expected storyline and a known ending but still nak tengok jugakkkkkkk!Cute la pleaseeee cinta-cinta lepas kahwin ni. At first, I told myself "Ok,Hanum,sampai pukul 8 je.Lompat-lompatlah. Tak payah tengok semua."

And when the clock strikes 8,I did my laundry and took my shower. Again,I told myself."Ok,dah ready,pukul 10 pergi library". At 10,I was watching the third episode,and the story had became bloomy-bloomy-cute-sweety-pie stuff, I decided to go to library after lunch. Getting so "asyik", I had lunch on my bed [Mama tahu matilah] and I finished till the latest episode just few minutes before Asar.

Done with my Asar prayers, a text from my housemate came in "Awek,nak pergi lifestyle tak?" ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!Irresistible!The new shopping mall is just behind our apartment,2 minutes by foot! and apparently my 2 housemates had been there twice or thrice.So,I "accidentally" agreed...and "accidentally" shop like .. [ok,ayat sampai situ saja]

Still,I had this high enthusiasm of covering the syllabus and told myself that after performing Maghrib prayers,I'll tidy up my room and I'll be going to library after Isya' and read as much as I could.

But then later, I found myself in pyjamas lying on the couch in the living hall with full stomach and reading "TENTANG CINTA"[it's not a novel ok,it's more like AKU TERIMA NIKAHNYA by Ustaz Hasrizal]. Still,benda ni takkan keluar exam pun kan??WUUUU~

See how many numbers of plan I had and keep having?And how many of them had failed?

Untuk sedapkan hati,I told myself, WELL,KITA MANUSIA KAN HANYA BOLEH MERANCANG???? (*-*) hehehehhehe. Sekian.

P/s:what matters most,is the action.It speaks louder than words. And parallel with the USAHA DOA TAWAKKAL concept. Fight Fight Fight. Belum terlambat Faridahanum! BERUSAHA!!!!!!


anith said...

xpe anum, we need break jgk!!

bkn break dh tu!

gooseberries said...

hee sekali sekala kan.. ye la kdg2 kita hanya merancang..hee

btw salam perkenalan juga =)

psenk said...

2 minit jalan belakang rumah?
btw, anda ditag!

udienjai said...

ya kita hanya merancang.. *mood sedih tertonggeng lepas tgk result anatomy tadi*

aku failed. :'(

Amy Syaquena said...

salam perkenalan..just follow ur blog..harap sudi membalas kunjungan ye...