Friday, June 18, 2010

< 204 > Someone goes Somewhere

And that someone is bearing this passport =p

It isn't crazy if you go for a vacation during rainy season. Hey hey!Why do you think an umbrella and raincoat were invented for?

Here we go..Backpacker on the road.Like MALINA said,I'll do travelling in an old-school style.No doubt.Ngeeee~

Paulo's preface note insist me to finish this ASAP..Again,that was just his preface note.I bet the entire story will be kinda rocking,as usual=)

The 2 years old pepper spray who had been my loyal companion and shared my fears.

But who will offer better protection than Him?And it's Him you fear the most.

I'll be back in short time.Miss me till then =)


naz said...

i miss u norfa:)
can u xplain how to use pepper spray haha u already use it or not? hey u know about kfc new flavour? its black pepper hahaha

hazimah said...

pergi mana?ngn sape?
(busy body. wahahah)

ms. mac said...

where r u off to dear??

sitisyazwan said...

pg mysore tak ajakkkkkkkkkkk!

anith said...

tke cre n have fun!

but anum pg mne?

lolalolipoplolita~ said...

nak itotttttt!!(pdhal isnin ni de exam yg fatal habis.haha!)