Sunday, September 26, 2010

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I feel like updating here. I have like 3 or 4 or maybe 5 posts that I keep in draft folder. Meanwhile,I've been end-posting this Wednesday..I even personally ask for tutorial from my professors in Microbiology and Pharmacology.These 2 subjects I'm so at high risk of flunking.TOINK! And I've been trying so hard to not losing grip as the annual Jalinan Sahabat Seluruh India [JaSSI] will be held this weekend. Delegates from Malaysia are coming,big task it is.And this final week is crucial.Got to run and jump,here and there. No more time to walk lenggang kangkung mak minah sayang.HAHA.And working last minute is so me.

Yes,Faridahanum is the Queen of the Eleventh Hour.Naah,I don't know whether such name exist.I just created it like a moment ago,and obviously,it's self-proclaim. Thank You. But knowing my own capabilities,I know my mind and body works best this way. This is not procrastinating,people. HAHAHA. I beg to differ,seriously. This is what we call as an organized chaos.Toink!Simply because, I've planned the procrastination and I basically have rough ideas on how are things gonna be. And be prepared for any consequences,to some extent. Get it?

Enough ramblings.I still can't believe I did write this much. I was planning to post my photos in Jubah/Burqa/Abaya whatever you call it for Mama to see.She has been longing to see I'm in it.I think the last time she asked me to wear it was when we had a kenduri kesyukuran after my parents came back from performing Hajj.She insisted,and I rejected it. Faridahanum memang degil.Bukan apa weyy...Kalau pakai jubah ni,aku rasa free sangat dekat pinggang sampai rasa macam tak pakai apa-apa pulak dari pinggang ke bawah.Sedang kalau pakai jeans yang sah-sah material keras pun aku pakai tights kat dalam sebab rasa everything is sagging downwards,TOINK!Ini pula jubah yang lurus longgar je ke bawah.Adeyh! And I still can't forget that sad look on her face.And until now,she never ask it again,anymore.SORRRYYYYYYYYYYYYY.So,Mama, this post is dedicated especially for you,actually.

Oh mama,Anum design baju dan eksperimen lilit-lilit selendang lagi=)

Ini jubah sambar dekat Bangalore sebab harga murah gila TEETT.You want one ke?

I personally love seeing myself like this.Got more dresses to be collected from tailor next week..HAHAHA.Looks like the old ladylike Faridahanum is making a comeback.The old Faridahanum who had gone missing for 2 years.The old Faridahanum that Noor Atikah Saini & Siti Khadijah love to see.Kan kan kan,Tikah?Kan kan kan,Lola?HAHA!Anyway,it's still hard to ditch jeans and sandals especially when you're staying here,in India.

And a gentle reminder to some readers,just because I didn't talk much about my Mom compared to my Dad,it doesn't mean that I have problem with her. OMG!Don't be silly. She's the best girlfriend I've ever had okay,and she will forever be!I LOVE YOU MAMA,And I don't write much about her,simply because,everything that bonds both of us together and those conversations that we had are on matters that I don't feel like sharing publicly here.No,not yet,maybe some day later.InsyaAllah.

p/s:And they are still together,still honeymoon-ing.HAHA.I and my siblings keep teasing them lately especially when Ana got to work in Kamunting,leaving only two of them at home now. So please chase that negative thoughts away,people and pray for this happiness to remain till heaven.Please!


ms. mac said...

aaaaaawwwwwwwww!! ur parents r soo sweet!

anith said...


n wahh jubah!
hehe the brown looks nice!

zuld said...

hahaha.... self credit utk apis boleh, kerna amek gambar terakhir itu! hahahaha

semalam call, sempat lagik ayah bahan mama dalam phone! kaw2 r kena..

Anonymous said...

if you can be a better yourself, then be a one.
why? cause you will bring the light of happiness to others; simultaneously bring the best within you.

erk, i am not here to say about the rule; cause you know that more than i do, i suppose.
i am here to say that, the best you can be is being yourself, and proud with it.

and, you always wonderful with full covered.
take it as compliment little Doc.

honeem said...

mmang lawa jubah 2. ari tu lg nak komen tp lupe.

bile pulak dah jadi designer pulak. nice corak itam tp klu ade wrna lain leh jugak 1 utk ma.

hai x abis2 nak usik ma n ayah. jeles ke @ rindu nak tidur ngan ma....

norfaridahanum said...

thank you all =)

haha.pis,tadik baru ckp ngan ayah..ayah ckp "kesunyian ayah nih..x keruan dah..ayah duduk baca kitab je lah sikit2 sebelum tidur" god,sedih gila anum dgr weyyy

AJ,terima kasih byk2.yups,kita tak boleh jadi org lain..tapi x salah kalo berubah menjadi lebih baik!

maaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!muah3.haha..bilamasa anum tidur ngan mama.xde xde,x mahu ngaku.haha.rindu rindu rindu

Lola MK said...

hahaha!!ntahnye..ko ni..asek pki suar jin je..sian die tade suar owhhh~~kalo ko pki sweet2 cani,jgn lupe plangkn suar jin tu plak..hehe..
ape aku mrapu ni?adoyai..aku ni lalok..dmam ni..huhu..anyway my dear..hg pakai apa pn chantikkkk!!!tu mmg pasti..yg pntg confidence..pakaian terbaik kalo nk berjaye..=))