Saturday, November 20, 2010

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I would say this is the time of year that I suddenly realize that I'm stranded in a medical school and started putting herculean efforts to finish reading tonnes of pages. My day today started as early as 1.30 am, reading Pharmacology until 4.30am. Having the privilege of ABC(Allah Bagi Cuti),I then went to sleep till Tikah woke me up at 6.30am. And the reading continues. As the saying goes,it takes two to tango. And for our condition,it also takes two to stay awake. TOINK!

It's funny thinking of how we were trying to keep our eyes open. She said that I have all these spontaneous acts and words that tend to keep her stay awake throughout. Early this morning she laugh when I mimic an attack of seizures. Naaahhh,that was unintentional. Yet,that was so me.I know.My teachings and explanation won't be complete without gestures and grimaces. TOINK! And Tika has loads of jokes and funny stories in her pocket. Being it of her own experiences,her family (especially of her cute little brother,Ajim), those she read from internet or what friends have told.

This is one of her funny stories for today. I guess,many of you have read or heard about it. But, do I look like I care?=p

There are these 3 friends attending an interview. 
The 1st guy went into the interviewer's room, and went out looking so frustrated. He was asked about Malaysian's former Prime Minister and he failed to even give name of any of them. 
The 2nd guy, fear of getting screwed by the interviewer, quickly look out for the answer (somewhere I don't bother to know). He then went into the toilet and wrote the names on his brief/underwear/boxer whatever you wear inside there. TEEEETTTT! And to his luck,the interviewer asked him the same question. So he managed to answer it correctly.
When he went out, he told the 3rd guy about his successful trick. As the 3rd guy has not much time left to write the names on his brief as the 2nd guy did, he asked the 2nd guy to change his brief with him. Since they have been friends for long time,the 2nd guy agreed with no hesitant. And so the "interchanging process" occurs. TOINK!
And just few minutes after this 3rd guy went in, he went out again with confused look.
2nd guy : Ha, awat plak ni?Dia tak tanya soalan yang sama ke? [Diorang cakap melayu,aku ikut je lah.haha]
3rd guy : Dia tanya soalan samalah. Aku konfiden dah jawab. Tapi sudahnya dia gelak sungguh-sungguh kat aku weh.
2nd guy : Aish..hang sebut nama tu pelat lain sikit kot? 
3rd guy : Mana ada..betullah aku sebut.. Dato' Seri CALVIN KLEIN! Salah celah mananya?
2nd guy : *guling-guling gelak*

And so here a future doctor speaking...Laughter is the best medicine!

p/s: Tika pervert! =p

Taking break for a while after 12 hours of Pharmacology. Got to start marathon-ing Pathology tonight. Spare me some thoughts and prayers,will 'ya?

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enyheartsdiamond said...

hakhahahaaaa! u make my day sis :DDD

i miss you!