Thursday, January 06, 2011

< 240 > Why I Love Him..


Because at time we separated at KL Sentral this morning, he gave me RM50, together with his recently reloaded Touch N' Go card so that I won't have to wait in long queue to buy any train tickets while travelling in KL. 

And and and..while eating at Chilis KLCC with Miss Zafirah just now,I received a text message from him written, 
"Anum g bndr tsk slatan kol bape?tren dlm kul 5 ke atas peak hour.knfem sesak.crful skit tkut org bkk beg galas dr blkg"
(Anum pergi Bandar Tasik Selatan pukul berapa?Tren dalam pukul 5 ke atas peak hour.Careful sikit takut orang bukak beg galas dari belakang.) Touching please!

Hurmmm...No wonder Cikgu Shafieyah kept mentioning how she really adores the way he looked after his siblings (including me)during our primary in SK Tasek.Mind you,he was born in year1987,Ana-year1988,I- year1989 and Apis-1990. We built such a legacy at SK Tasek which was later continued by Ariz and Athifah.Along has shouldered a great responsibility at a very young age (I realized it few years back but started to appreciate it these days.Such an ignorant I am.) He took care of us,even until now. sob3!
Cikgu Shafieyah

Reunion SK Tasek 010110=)
(Irfan tiada dalam gambar sebab datang lambat)

And he grew up becoming a wise and responsible young man. Few years back, he strongly (and still believe) that he was destined to pursue his studies in local universities even with his good grades in SPM. I still remember the day I received the letter about my placement in India, only two of us were at house that time and he said "Tak apalah..Anum pergilah belajar luar negara. Along ni sulung. Dekat-dekat senang. Apa-apa jadi Along boleh balik cepat"...(Tak,aku tak nangis tulis ni)

Ah,shall I dictate more?

Cikgu Shafieyah's Zulhilmi

P/s:Cikgu Shafieyah even named his son (almost)after him, Zulhilmi in hope that her son will follow his attitude but unfortunately,her Zulhimi happened to be the last child of the family.

Meet my Dzulhelmi @ Along.


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