Thursday, March 24, 2011

< 254 > Make-Up [not make out]

I think I should really think seriously about starting using one.

Because the only thing that makes me feel beautiful when looking at my face in mirror is....MY WHITE TEETH! *ceyh,perasan lu*

Look,I got a very bushy eyebrow[thanks for the gene grandpa!] that will go haywire at that time of month.Need to be trimmed but I'm scared of committing sin as you may know,Islam prohibits it. So I kept telling myself that these Tom Cruise look alike is just perfect to pair with those big eyes I have.Screw that eyebags toooooo!

And I need something to tone down my cheeky cheek,simply because I'm too tired of putting a fake smile everytime camera clicks, just to give that jawline effect[apart from showing off my chalky white teeth.LOL].Oh,whatever you call it!And that smile above ain't a fake one,by the way.Come on,bestfriend since pre-U days kot!

And see that Chinese-Siamese nose? I wanted it to stand pride and high[what language is this?].Make-up will help,and it is the only solution for me as rhinoplasty/plastic surgery is again,prohibited in my condition.No,I'm not complaining!

Oh..woman really got a "thing" for looking beautiful.Same goes to me,sometimes.Not that I'm not being grateful.Bukan tak bersyukur.Cuma....sayapun manusia biasa.Cliche,tapi benar.Period.

And I will be 22 this year.[i wonder how age got to do with this matter] So,should I?

*the pic depicts how ugly I am standing beside KMC Model of the Year*


HabHas said...

wow ! make-up :p keep ur face as near as natural.. simple one.. dat suits u doc ! models sometimes (almost) make people scared.. too much of make-ups.haha.. just a thought or my own justification...
~la lal la laa~

Lola MK said...

yup2..bole pki but put on something simple.natural.sebab lipstick is soooo not u.hee~

p/s: blm pki dah lawa..kalo pki lg jelita..=)

| Larasephia | said...

dont opt for make up/cosmetics lah sayang, "invest" in a great (read: can be tad expensive) skin care products! great skin is the best make up ever!

'cause girl you're amazing, just the way you are .. :)

passerby said...

make up or not, it is your final call sis.


we need no DSLR when our nature talent can easily draw better picture in return.

that is metaphor; perhaps.

and anum being simply have better answer for me to keep smiling rite


no 'one' can draw 'sweet'er smile than yourself.

i believe that.
i believe, your another half believe that too.

*menjeling another 'h'*

Raja Khairul said...

Salam,Hello Miss Anum.
Quite a long time aite'.Hows life? Your previous entries draw everything. :)Your tougher then anything life throws your way.Well, nuff' said, true beauty hidden underneath.Take care and yea you'll always create something beautiful,insyaAllah.have fun girl!

norfaridahanum said...

@HabHas :question is, will i scare you if i put on make-up?nnt jadik macam ceramah ustaz khazim tuh cmne? night cream..whitening cream..hahaha! btw,ur comment is highly appreciated encik HabHas.actually,i'm stil wondering how make-up can still give a "natural look"..

@lolaMK :i vote for pinkkkkk!!!if not pink,then i prefer sticking to this vaseline lipbalm forever..haha

@lara :how many times did i mention that ur such an awesome girl who always come out with awesome idea? products!sekarang nih smnjak duk india pakai Himalaya products[they are awesome i can tell u].n was thinking of borong banyak2 bila nak balik Msia nnt sebab dekat Msia harga 3 4 kali ganda.u nak cuba x my dear?*tiba2 jd promoter*

norfaridahanum said...


i was wondering who r u till i came to "anum being anum"'s so uuuuuu.and that drew smile on my face.

hey u stalker!!!long time no see.*smile*

naaahhhhh....i know it will always be my call.just that smalam bangun tidur tengok member tag kat fb gambar ni. terus rasa down.haha. mcm langit dan bumi.pastuh terus emo dekat blog sendiri hinggalah terhasil entri sebegini rupa.

ahahaha..either it can be even sweet-er than anyone or not,that you've got to ask that H yourself.insyaAllah akan tiba masanya juga.and at that time you dont have to bersiar-siar di kawasan sekitar TmnAnda dgn harapan akan bertemu dgn aq.itu kelakar ok!and for obvious reason,i want to meet your darling cutie Sufia too!

amik ko...kan dh panjang berjela aq reply komen ko...virtual bond is sometimes..WEIRD.but i treasure it.seriously,kawan/bro/abg/buddy. u choose it.

thanks for passing by. n ok,i will stop thinking about getting a DSLR.


norfaridahanum said...

@Raja Khairul

let me see..1 year mannnnnn!last time I heard from u is when u texted me about ur marriage.and so sorry for not being able to meet up when I got back last time.

life isnt so bad.alhamdulillah.what doesnt kill u will always make u stronger,right?

hows ur new life anyway?owh wait..ur settling in Msia or going back to UK now? and are u expecting RajaJR soon?[heh,cant help it.]better fast.u r not that young En.Raja.

seee...i've got to ask everything here since u hadn't been replying my past 2 3 emails,I guess =p

and like I sais to mr.passerby above,this virtual bond is sometimes WEIRD.but hey,i do care=)))

and i'm back on skype [just had it back like 2 days ago.lousy me] but with diff ID. i hope u still have my email add anyway =p feel free to add.i miss ur Spanish class!haha

Raja Khairul said...

1. Lil' princesses on their way to see the world insyaAllah this coming August/September.
2.Uk and Msia nadaa.
3.Bout' email, I'm truly sorry not been able to reply since semua social networks kena hijacked.including skype,fb,mail and twitter.

do take care and yes, enjoy life as it is. Moga cepat lah bertunang dan berkhawin. :)

hazimah said...

erm, natural as in xyah lah pakai semua lapis bedak yang ada ( kalau make up yang MAKE UP letak foundation,concealer, entah brp lapis bedak plak pastu) pastu eye shadow simple je/kaler coklat/light pink.. x letak pun xpe.. eye liner kalau nk letak.. letak nipis.. xyah pakai blusher2 sume tuh.. lipstick jgn pakai merah.. pastu bukan sapu lipstick, tapi mcm tap2 atas bibir je..
tapi kalau pakai cmtu pun, org still leh make out makeup nyer anum.. cuma x tebal.. tapi en.HAHA cm x suka rasanya kan kan?

norfaridahanum said...

@raja khairul:
alhamdulillah alhamdulillah alhamdulillah

siapa tak nak khawin weyyyyy?doakan semuanya dipermudahkan utk aq ye.

p/s:uk msia nadaa???

norfaridahanum said...


saya sebolehnya kena mengelak menconteng di bahagian mata atau ianya akan kelihatan seperti MayaKarin versi tak cantik.haha.idea tap2 atas bibir tuh mcm comel awww...WOWOWO,En.HAHA?HAHAHAHAHHA