Monday, March 21, 2011

< 253 > The Sweetest Accident


It's all started when I was 10years old.After passing the PTS examination,I agreed with State Education Department(JPN) decision to transfer me to SK Jelapang under smart school programme. There,everything started all over again for me. Back in former school,SK Tasek,I was already given a place in badminton team,together with Along thus I decided to carry on with badminton,the only game I had grown up with[besides football]. There,people already had their star players and own gang in co-curricular activities.There,I went from hero to zero,to begin with.

Realizing that it is so not me,I started asking the teachers about badminton club just to get a shocking reply, 
"Tak ada kelab badminton. Rugi kalau main. Hantar wakil pun mesti Cina yang menang" [No badminton club here.It's such a waste if we send representatives for any tournament.The Chinese will surely dominate] OH YEAH,tell me about it [-___-]"

Cik Sharifah Haslita, a petite, plumpy and pretty young lady was my first netball coach. The first will always be the most memorable one,as some sayings go. Her punctuality, her friendliness, her determination and oh,who can forget her sarcasm remarks during training. I came up with satah-condong-and-piramid-inspired-jumping-style was all because of her. The very first time she saw I jumped while catching the ball,she laughed and shouted "Mana ada orang lompat dalam netball macam tu Anum oi!" No  one ever jumped like that in netball. And yes,I was jumping around the court to catch the ball like playing aci jengket/tengteng. 


I look like as if I was dancing kuda kepang too. Some sort of limbs disorientation I didn’t know from where it came. And I got another problem in estimating how far I should extend my arms in order to catch the ball that I ended up missing it so many times. My hand at that very point of time had already been too much of racquet-dependence. Lousy.

And to be at where I am today, all of those struggling seemed to be paid off. I didn't say that I'm very good at it but it's just a grip of satisfaction when I am now capable of refereeing any netball matches confidently [and reply with smilessss anytime people cursed you of being bias] Being able to actually create your own protege who started with a total zero knowledge of netball just like you last time. Being called up for estate training.HAHA.Being selected for college team while coming for practice on the very first day.And even created a total new team and won gold medal for that.[It happened twice by the way!]Being able to let more and more people knew about netball and fell in love with the game just like I did.

What else should I say?

Winning every single game is totally not my issues anymore. Instead, a better performance is what I'm craving for. If I always missed the ball before,now I can grab it with one hand,without even looking at it!  And I can play at any position confidently despite standing at 155cm tall.[this is the tremendous satisfaction so far!]

And I think,my teammates I have right now has got to live with my doctrine already.LOL.I was known for being very strict on court.Am I? Not only in netball.I am like that in almost everything. Principle?Maybe..Simpler put, kalau nak main,main betul-betul.Follow the rules and respect everyone. By respect I mean, take the opponent team as another team that you play against.Not another friend team, junior team or senior team.Easy?

But I've got to admit that I easily get distracted when playing against the team that make offences intentionally. Come on!at this span of experiences,it is not difficult for me to actually make out whether the offence is intentional or not. To scratch that,I told myself that not all people knows how to play it tapi still nak perasan bagus. My GD,Suhaili was really pissed off during one game last Sunday that she even said "Diorang main ganas,kita main ganas jugaklah awak!Mana aci" [This is not fair.We shall play harsh just like how they are playing]And I looked at her and said, "Boleh main ganas. Boleh.Tapi bukan bila awak ada dalam team saya".[Yes you can,but not when you're in my team]

I seldom blamed referee,simply because I respect her/his eligibility.Though some of mistakes they did are truly unacceptable.I never did her/his job on court.And remind my teammates to never do that. Just play the game.Pure game.

HAHAHAHA.Why so serious???

Check out this winning play by I and my teammates for Final Netball Interclass KMC Mangalore.

Sebenarnya entri ini kononnya nak luahkan rasa kecewa SIKIT.tapi itulah,macam tak berjaya je.Sebab Faridahanum selalu mellow and melankolik.Tak reti lah nak marah-marah orang.TEEETTT! Tapi netball remains the sweetest accident ever happened to me.


psenk said...

Ye ke kau tak pandai marah orang? Or actually kau tak pandai nak marah dengan penuh gaya dan professional?

Er no comment ;p

norfaridahanum said...

aq x pandai r nak marah org.siyes dowh.tapi aq sangat terer dan bergaya dalam melontarkan sarcasm remarks. oh pls! *tangan di bahu,mata ke atas*

| Larasephia | said...

woahhhhh~ hebat la ini doctor! *tepuk tepuk tepuk*

aku paling tak terer main netball. Volleyball pun setakat wakil daerah je. sukan hempuk2 kepala orang je aku terer. hehe

norfaridahanum said...

aaaaaaaaaaa...volleyball adelah satu2nya game yang aq surrender. x reti x reti.menci2.ok r wakil rumah sukan pun x lepas.sakit tgn mainnya.n babe,rindu la sama kau.[cakap macam pernah jumpa je]

Cempaka R.Minta said...

hii cempaka datang

Lola MK said...

haha..terigt jd bidan trjun GS time kt ktt bila tgn fizati bgkak terseliuh tgkp ko la kn?haha

HabHas said... the passion!

norfaridahanum said...

@cempaka: hi cempaka!dtg lah selalu=)))

@lolaMK: ahahah.agak kunyit royale kan?tapi masa tuh aq emo time final n kita pun win silver je kan?

@habhas :passion je?=p

Lola MK said...

yup2..tape..rezeki smp situ.alhamdulillah de medal gak..=)

oren said... yg harsh tu kan,was it our team? erm,if kitorang,sorry anum eh..mayb unintentionally..=(

norfaridahanum said...

lola =)))

akak oren@selangor netballer..jgn nak merepek.haha.anum pm je nnt citer =)

Anonymous said...

anum,suke!! hehehe.."referee bias??" HAHAHAHA..."main ganas?" semua atas padang sajekn?? jgn simpan dlm hati..hehe..nxt year main lg ok??!

norfaridahanum said...

aahhhh yg kutuk2 bias tuh sampai ke facebook yg aq x tahan depan aq maintain comel.opppsss! x kuasa nak layan.skang jd superficial je.