Saturday, May 07, 2011

< 265 > Perlu ke?

It's weird when some people started browsing through your FB page, went through your collection of photos with your best of friends,and at the end, they made one quick conclusion about you. It might be true. But most of time,you know..judgmental can never be so right, too far. Huh? Making a statement like..."oh,dia kawan dengan orang yang hot je.Tumpang glamer sebab sendiri punya muka tak adalah hot mana" memang bikin aku panas. Bukan sebab aku rasa aku hot lah!!Aish!It's just that if you really know me, you will know how much I value every single company I had and how deep I treasure every person I called friend. *EMO LAMO*

Visiting Nana in Davangere last week

Visiting Mal in Jogjakarta

And then Mal came to Mangalore

and so she tagged Sara along,all the way from Manipal

Sara paid her last visit before going back to Malaysia for good

Ira@Joyah..and she called me Minah!

the closest non-Malay girlfriend I've ever had
roommate for 1 year
and been classmates since 5 years..and still counting!

And here comes my high school besties

Visiting Dayang's hometown,Aloq Setaq!
When she was doing her twinning programme in Bandung,Indonesia
and she came back to pursue her studies in UKM

and meet my Miss Wafaa
back in 2008
 we arranged second post-high school meet early this year
and still,I had fun!!!

Two?Yes,only two.I might differ than many of you. I hate don't love like my high school days.Seriously! And these 2 angels are my invisible backbone during 5 years of suffering,besides my TSBand buddies and aktiviti-aktiviti Persatuan Bahasa Melayu to keep me busy. Secara kebetulan sahaja, mereka berdua dan manusia-manusia yang lainnya sangat hot. Apa masalahnya yang anda nak salahkan saya juga ni???

And oh,what you can't see in the photos are their beautiful hearts. Perhaps, that makes them even more beautiful. And perhaps,that beautiful heart choose to befriend me,not you?OUCH!!!


naz said...

i tumpang glamor kawan denga doktor norfa :) i pula sekolah pun tak pergi hahahaha

norfaridahanum said...

doktor yang glamer ke?berkawan dgn doktor yang glamer ke?=p eh u bukan kawan i lah.u sifu i!