Friday, July 01, 2011

Siri 34 : Earn After Death

8 ways to earn even after death

1) Give a copy of the Quran to someone. Everytime they read from it,you gain

2) Donate a wheelchair to hospital. Each time a sick person uses it,you gain

3) Teach soemone to recite du'a or prayer

4) Share a Quranic CD/link to Quranic website

5) Participate in building of a mosque

6) Place a water-cooler in public place

7) Plant tree.You gain whenever person or animals sit in shades or eats from it

8) Share this message with people. Even if one applies any of the above,you gain! 


IMANSHAH said...

alhamdululillah, saya ingin taurkn ilmu yang bermanfaat buat anak2 didik saya

norfaridahanum said...

jika hari ini seorang doktor berjaya mengubat pesakitnya...pasti ada seorang guru di belakangnya =)