Sunday, November 27, 2011


So,that time of the year has come again. And I'm going to leave this space for a while, I hope so. HAHA. Since writing (exception for writing an exam)is in my flesh and blood, pretty hard to leave it laaahhhh.

By the way, just like previous years and previous exams, approaching this final week before exam, it's time to read as much as possible and sleep as less as possible. Obviously I can't do this alone, especially when my room seems to be comfortable enough (emphasising on that fluffy comforter.LOL) and relaxing. Trust me,it's not a good environment you should be in when you're in pursuit of getting that passing marks in final university exam. HAHAHA.

Not to forget, I myself seem to find hundred millions reasons for myself to get distracted, or being distracted at this time of the year. I will suddenly want to change my bedroom arrangement, clean here and there (padahal selama ni rasa ok ok je) and obviously,mind wanders about Malaysia so much.Oh,that one is pretty irresistible,you know.

And so, it's actually good to move out for a while, stay in new space, start fresh (dowh,exam lagi seminggu kot!) and nail it.LOL. 

I don't know what I'm writing already. 
I guess I should have keep it simple from the very beginning. 

Yeah,it's me saying bye bye bye to my room, FB, Twitter , Blogspot. -____- "
And hello caffeine, maggi, eyebags and VIP Suite 602 provided by Atikah Saini. HAHAHA!

It's gonna be stressful, but it's gonna be fun too. 
Here is a sneak peek into some of things that we did to help de-stressing each other during examination period.

And I know He is above,watching. Allah,help me,please!Pretty please?

By the way, 080201037 is my roll number.

08 - batch of year 2008
02 - this represents KMC Mangalore. You have no idea how many universities are held under Manipal University.
01 - refer to M.B.B.S course. again,you have no idea how many courses are offered by Manipal University (ever thought of Jewellery Design course?)
037 - basically,this is my number in my batch =)) 

Naaahhh, even some of my batchmates also don't know this! And that's because they don't read the induction book given at time of registration. I just don't understand how people can gain that much of ignorance. TEEETTTT! 

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Anonymous said...

yes,mam! im here to treat u well..ur room is ready..VIP suite(the largest we cud give indeed!) with free TV,wireless and iron board too! no food available! butttt...for sure Mr H is allow to bring somethg in return..plg krg nasi ayam k,nasi lomak k...HAHAHAHAHA!!! cpt la dtg!

Atikah Saini