Thursday, October 04, 2012

You just have to know

"I sat up one night,middle of the night
And I knew.. I could do this.I still don't know how am I gonna do this but I knew I can do it.
And when you don't know?No one can fault you for it.
You do what you can, when you can,while you can. 
When you can't,you can't."
Dr.Miranda Bailey, Grey's Anatomy 
Season 2,Episode 13
Begin the Begin

I have made my decision.
And I will do whatever I know that I have to do while I can do it.
I know some people disagree with me.
And I am dealing with it.
I have no intention in proving them wrong.
Neither that I have to show proofs that I am right.
I am just making the best out of my life, every single day.
And so do they.


Qiez Medusa AR said...

whatever you're about to do, I'm sure you'll only do it because you feel the right to do so. I pray for your well being from afar, dear girlfriend. May allah always protect you!

AJ Nismihan said...

pray the same prayer that Qiez spell for you. believe me, she need you sometime.

+-5months should be experience enough to handle all the pregnancy matter. be strong and us always do and be pious abdullah.


ya, you know that; life is not solely about sunshine or rain, they do have cloud, wind, solar panel and bla bla bla.
simply, colourful.
thus, enjoy the colour, cause everyone of them are meaningful.