Friday, March 01, 2013


Phewwww..just done with orientation programme for my internship. I thought once I finished my undergraduate course,I would no longer sitting in lecture hall listening to people giving talks,speeches etc.

Wait a minute!
Internship???  No longer an undergraduate???

Yezza people!!!It's been a looooonngggggg silence I know, but yours truly is now back with a "DR" title added in front of her name.Couldn't be any happier.

Alhamdulillah,all praises to Allah. After all sweat,toil,tears,blood(and fair amount of laughs in between) for 4 and a half years,I managed to get out of the battlefield physically sound,mentally sane, but with a ballooning tummy and all glowy! I'm currently pregnant at 34 weeks,just so you know.Another praises to Allah.

And to top that,all my Malaysian friends had also cleared the exam which makes us the first Malaysian batch to do so. Kira legend jugaklah kitorang nih.Eceyh!Perasan sendiri.

What we had achieved is not only because of the individual hardwork, We had each other and we helped each other. And I believed the icing on the cake is our continuous du'as recited secretly for each other's success. Hence, thank you Allah for answering all of them and for sending me these good people around me.

I can go on and on about this du'a and tawakkal thingy, and I wanted to share all my experiences for the past 4 months of silence with you,readers but let us do it slowly okay? I try to get the hang of this blogging thingy,again.HAHAHA. Hope this much lines will do.

Truth is,I did write in past 4 months but I didn't hit that "Publish" button. Most of them weren't a complete post either. You know me,I don't simply post here just for the sake of having something to be posted. See..aku dah start merepek nihhhhh!

Till then peeps,I promise you that I will write often.

Oh by the way,I'm now posted for 2 months in Obstetric and Gynaecology department (with 2 weeks in Labout Theatre)..Ironic enough?

Yours truly signing off,

Ahhhh..apelah sangat yang ada pada nama? Remember,I'm still that old clumsy bimbo who writes here beacuse she has no one else to share her bizarre thoughts,dreams and fears.


cimöt said...

halooooo DR! long time no see! rindunya same iye! pe kabor?

norfaridahanum said...

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!sehatalhamdulilla=) baby pun sihat.hihi.nak jugak!

Anonymous said...

yeayyy kembali! satu sem gua tunggu nih. hahaha

najwa. said...

Yeaaayy you're back!! Hehe

shusupian said...

anum, selamat kembali..hehehe

norfaridahanum said...

thanks all! hopefully this space gonna be like what it used to be

HabHas said... all d post...till d last post..keep on writing my dear...