Tuesday, August 04, 2009

< 109 > I don't know


I don't know your past,people but I definitely know mine. Full of stories Allah had planned for me. I've made so many mistakes and none of them I'm proud of.

I don't know what best for you,people but I'm sure we all wake up every morning hoping for a better day. I'm just like you. But we are still different. We all have that thing we called past which have shaped and colored us without we even realized it. That's why we have arguments on certain things. That's why, Mohan Pai took Sydney D' Souza side (taruh nama lecturer sket sbb diorang bising cakap student M'sia tak tau nama Dr.) while mom always second dad (*~*)<----homesick

I don't know what you're thinking,people but I'll be grateful if you stop making gratuitous assumptions about me. I may look unapproachable but every beats of my heart welcome the people who I care so much. I may appear simply approachable but don't take me for granted. You never know what lies deep down inside me. No,being in my shoes isn't easy. I don't think you fit in. (Kasut aku size 4,anyone???)

Yes,my life moves forwards, even you don't think so. It isn't a fashion show where you can walk in an outfit resembling Audrey Hepburn 15 years after her death. (Owh,long skirt is so gonna be a hit this season!Go yellow,lady!Give fringe a try also!) The past-as long as I don't forget them all, will always be my guardian angel. With arms wide open, they usher me to a correct lane, nourish me with self-integrity, offers precious belongings spelled e-x-p-e-r-i-e-n-c-e so that whatever actions I take today will secure my future.


nur_amalina said...

yup our life must go on bebeh =P

malinaramlan said...

think positive. and move on!
p/s: we all LOVE youuuuuuuuuuuu! :)