Tuesday, August 18, 2009

< 110 > What If...???


If I were a flower, I'll be a lotus. Gloriously beautiful but not an easy pluck

If I were a racket, I'll be a tennis racket. That improves my chance to be in Federer's hand (^-^)

If I were a weather, I'll be the winter...pure and soft. Nevertheless,gently commanding people to stay at home (I hate big crowd anyway)

If I were a colour, I'll be the rainbow-colorful and cheerful. When it appears,it whispers...HOPE

If I were a sportswear, I'll be FILA, smart and casually chick but not so durable. Need to be handled with care .:.you'd better think twice.:.

If I were an electronic item, I'll definitely be a camera so that all the moments I've lived in being the very sweet or not-so-sweet-maybe-sedikit-masam memories will be stored forever

If I were a sportswoman, I'll be Yelena Isinbayeva because... errr,let say I'm so wanting that long non-hairy legs.. (^-^)v

If I were a subject, I'll be the History..quoting George Santayana "Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it"

If I were an electrical appliances, I'll be the vacuum machine so that I can eat almost everything at once. *droolings*

If I were a jewellery, I'll be a ring...it always means something to some people if not all....*sigh*

If I were a musical instrument, I'll be the French horn... SANGAT CHOMEYL LARRR (nope,it won't make you feel horny as it name suggests.LOL!)

If I were a continent, I'll be the Asia.It has everything, it welcomes everyone

If I were a fish, I'll be a catfish, isi dia sedap macam ayam sebab tuh dia ada sengat.lalalala~~

If I were a pair of jeans, I'll be HALF because it never discriminate people with non-angelic @ Gisele Bundchen's cuts

If I were a wood, I'll be the Bollywood so that all my stories have happy endings. Sangatlah tidak real,ok.

if I were you, I'll stop judging people and cultivate tolerance in every decision. This world we are living is a sanctuary we should take care of. Lets make it a better place for you and for me. eyh,cam lirik lagu pulak...sila teka lagu siapa.jika anda betul,anda akan dihadiahkan kelas percuma belajar-sampai-pandai tarian Moonwalk MJ (read:Michael Jackson). Hadiah ini tidak boleh ditebus sekiranya pihak kami merasakan ada unsur-unsur pemberian klu kepada anda. TEEEEEEEETTTTT!!!!

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