Tuesday, September 08, 2009

< 120 > Genit,All the Best


Quick post..
Hye Genit,Kak Anum knows you can do it just as you did well in the successive sessional exams throughout the year,yesteryear,a year before yesteryear and all the years since you first entered a building called school =)

I think whatever you told me in the SMS(s)were just your way of calming that butterfly in your stomach.I purely understand it.I know.I know.Don't worry,I've felt it too.Being it's UPSR,PMR,SPM,A-Level,MBBS.I am not going to say UPSR is a way too easy compared to what I'm doing now.Owh,I've been listening to people saying like that so many times and I hate it!

Do your best ok sayang.Don't be over-confident and don't be too stressed out.Just answer it like the other exams.You've worked hard [and sleep very very well.HAHA!].It's time to put a victory to your 6 years of struggle[kak anum 5 tahun je dulu.Jeles tak? =p].

Don't forget to eat your favourite telur goreng+roti+cheese+kicap+chilly sauce and that big mug of milk..*bluwekkk* I don't think you will forget-lah.Eyh,that mandu-kaparni pill also!Imported from India ok.ahahhaha!
This supposed to be a quick post.Ok,ALL THE BEST![I'll pray hard and so do you.That's a must!]

P/S I:At some point,I disagree with the decision to discontinue the PPSMI

P/S II:Did Mama wish you "Best of Luck" this morning?HAHA!I know,that's her favourite line!

Look at the photo below,is she really Genit??
I mean,compare to me????? TEEEEET!!
P/S III: I.L.U Genit =)


nur_amalina said...

ni anak sedare ko k anum oi?

enyheartsdiamond said...

hye genit!im eny;)

norfaridahanum mad norizan said...

woi amal!!!adik aq r..muka sebijik kot..posture n structure pun sama.haha!

cute je eny..haha!sengal!

chipsmore said...

genit itu comel ;)

norfaridahanum mad norizan said...

kakak dia tidak comeyl kah?

*F.Y* said...

anum comeinye adik hang~!!
gud luck kpd adikmu itu!! (dah setel pn kan??hehe)

lama dah (ke x pnah) komen kat cni..walopn ak follow je sbenarnye..nk tgu kot ltak post byk2 dolu...hikhik;)

norfaridahanum mad norizan said...

asal semua org ckp adik aq je comeyl nih???dowh~~~
haha!sabar cleo..aq sdkit busy mnggu nih.byk entry dkt draft.x siap2.

follow follow..haha!