Saturday, September 12, 2009

< 121 > Of Badminton & Bindi


It has been a while since my last post.I had been so busy with the badminton trainings last week.[ces,ayat macam star player je]The inter-MAHE (Manipal Academy of Higher Education) tournament had been preponed,leaving us with only 2 weeks for practice.And yet,we settled as the 1st runner-up.Like last year,even got defeated by the same team,the MIT-Manipal Institute of Technology during final.So,here I'm announcing,the 3rd silver medals I collected in India so far.HAHA!Sorry to say,the 4x100 one had turned into a rusty!

Well,nice experience though.Plus,multiple satisfaction to that stalker piece of mine.The guy below really had my eye on him since the first day.He's got an attitude.And he played hell yeah,damn great!I nicknamed him as Lin Dan.muahahahaaha!
Apart from the badminton part that I had taken part, [ces,macam rhymes sgt la bunyiknya,sikit lagik nak jadik fart ade r.LOL]I want to share with you guys about one great indian forehead art. BINDI-the ornamental mark between the two eyebrows.This red round mark suddenly caught my eyes when I saw some of my Hindus friends applied it to their foreheads.Not that I've never seen it before but this time,it comes with a story to tell.HAHAHAH!

On the way to Manipal where the game was held,the bus would stop once,in the middle of hustle & bustle of traffic,of course.But I believe,to them the location must be sacred,ideal something something one.That's my common sense-lah,I don't know whether it's true.And the boys got down just for few seconds to say their prayers.There's actually this I-don't-know-what-to-call-somehow-resembles-that-red-box-Buddhist-put-in-their-compounds stuff with the idol of Lord Ganesha being kept in it,together with a plate of bindi.So once they were done with the prayers,they applied the bindi to their foreheads.They took some for the girls and I can see that my girl teammates obediently humbly did the same.

Me being me,out of curiosity [the better word for nosiness] asking Lavaania what it's all about. The red dot is an auspicious sign for marriage.While in some parts of in India,it is the prerogative of married woman,in Southern India,girls also choose to wear bindi.The fact that most of Malaysian Indians are descendants of Indians from Chennai & Tamil Nadu simply explain the reason why in Malaysia,wearing bindi is a practice of all age groups.
Laava with bindi applied on her forehead.[did I tell you she's a former Negri Sembilan's shuttler?

The area between two eyebrows is considered as the hotspot,major nerve point in the body since ancient times.I'm not sure of that since I can only think of glabella.*flipping through the Anatomy text book* Anyway.moving the glabella is said to be the seat of concealed wisdom.Applying a red/maroon bindi would work best in retaining energy and controlling the various levels of concentration.

This bindi is loosely named as kum kum,sindoor,pottu,tika,tilak and tilakamm. To my colleagues, especially the Malays,you might want to read that again.See..There's no such thing as "NANDEK".So stop using that word please.It might sound humiliating to them.No,I'm not paid to tell you this.I just believe when everyone learn & respect,together we will bring out peace!

[Mujhse Dosti Karoge?hahahahahaha!this bindi thingy reminds me of one of my favourite Hindi movie.YouTubing mode activated!]
and also bendi rebus cicah sambal belacan *salivating*


Azman Sherafath said...

apesal tiba2 ada bendi rebus cicah sambal belacan?haha

norfaridahanum mad norizan said...

it's like bendi=bindi!
pikir mkn aje aq..haha!