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When I was 5,I was taught that Adam is the first prophet and he has a wife named Hawa.They both are the first human to live on Earth and that we are all their descendants.I have been storing their stories in my mind ever since and insyaAllah,I'll be able to tell it from time to time.

When I was 9,I went to "sekolah agama"  where I was further told by ustazah that Adam & Hawa has 2 sons named Habil & Qabil. Cutting it short, Habil baik, Qabil jahat! That's what my mind stored,even till this age.

At the age of 12,I started to read romance novels where the hero always be named as Adam or maybe Haris or Syafiq or Iskandar.HAHA!And I can tell you the whole stories when you're still struggling to finish reading the last word of this sentence.Perghhh!!but seriously,do you want to know the page numbers for "sweet moments" between Syafiq and Afiqah in Pergilah Sepi novel by Fauziah Ashaari?Ok,pervert me =p

Same goes when I started reading RAM,Ramlee Awang Murshid's pieces of work at the age of 16.There's one of his novel entitled A.D.A.M = AkuDarahAnakMalaysia where I personally pick as his masterpiece. I do remember most of the dialogues in it!And even the sentence "dan siasatan konspirasi kemalangan itu telah membawa Hilman hingga ke pintu White House,dan dia tidak sekali-kali terhenti di depan pintu itu" .HAHAHAHAHAHA!That's actually the synopsis of the book written on its back page!

yeah..I do read Malay novels.salah?

At the age of 20,here I am.Facing my Pathology sweetheart and her new stories of ADAM.

Pathology says A.D.A.M is a mnemonic for the life threatening complications of shock





Further elaboration.

ARDS stands for Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

                whilst DIC for Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation

                                 ARF represents Acute Renal Failure

                                             and MODS for Multiple Organ Dysfunction Syndrome

I don't know why this time it becomes so hard for me to remember this ADAM. And it makes me even more confused when the lecturers keep saying "you have to remember this by heart".Maybe I should no longer use my brain.Yeah,lets use our heart to memorize next time,even  though the last time I checked my Physiology and Anatomy textbooks, learning centre is still located in the brain. But who knows,the sulcus terminalis present on heart might be having something to do with memory & learning! [Sulcus or plurally named as sulci, refers to foldings present in the brain and between 2 sulci,lies a smooth area called as gyrus,which both are distinctive features of human brain.Sulcus terminalis is a characterised groove on the exterior surface of heart and has nothing to do with those sulci on the brain.Understand?Ouch,you don't have to]

the human brain

-Don't be such a fool. The lecturer doesn't mean it like that. That is,according to what they say, the beauty of English language. It's sort of telling "awak kena memahami dengan seluruh jiwa raga.bukan main hafal je". Whatever!!-

Anyway, I've had enough creepy crappy stuff offered by my MBBS. That's the reason why I,as much as possible try to minimize the usage of abbreviations, short forms *etc. in my writings here although some of you find it's so "not cool" to write this way.I have to admit that I do write shortform in some comments or SMS but as I said,I'm trying as much as I could to minimize it.Kampong?Like I care. Ngerti kamu? During my first year here,when I started to mingle with my UK-based,Australia-based,US-based Indian friends,they actually find it's difficult to read some of the short form words [if they can be called words] I text in SMS! What has happened to us?Trying to be "lebih Inggeris daripada orang Inggeris"? TEEETTTT!

P/S:one more A.D.A.M...Adam from NurKasih *melted heart* (^-^) can't wait for new episode tomorrow!

*etc. is a Latin word which stands for et cetera which means "the rest of such things".It is commonly used by some students in an attempt to impress their lecturers as if they have more nouns running in their heads when they actually knows nothing than none.*dush3!*

I'm so sorry for this entry had lost its focus somewhere in the middle[just like my other entries before which I didn't bother to say sorry.HUHUHU!


udienjai said...

cuba try plak ANAM baca as ANUM! haha' kelakar la kau.. baidewei, bila dah term2 medic tu kau buat lawak, so kira dah cukup haslak la tu kan?! :P

norfaridahanum said...

x mo r bercengkerama ngan ANAM ko tuh..ewww~~~

haslak itu apekah cik sudien oi?aq x baca buku tapi pura2 tepu.haha!

kelakar gila ko sauk by the way = baidewei..btw sudeyh =p

Nur natasya said...

paragraph last tu yg ak suke...ak pon xsabar nk tgk nur kasih esk...mkn panas mcm mkn goreng pisang yg br siap digoreng...hahaha

norfaridahanum said...

nur kasih tak nur kasih.
case presentation esok jangan dilupakan ok.haha!

ain said...

anum, ngeng~ nasib baik ko xtulis sweet moment cerita pergilah sepi tu kat sini.. ish3(18thn ke atas)..haha
xpe, anggaplah menjadi tanggungjawab kite yg sudah xtertanggung lagi utk belajar medik by heart, tpi mcm kwn aku ckp>>ni buku ke obat tido? ;P
aku hantu novel melayu juga, jdi bile ko cerita psl novel dannnn buku medik, rsa terkait juga..ewah2..nice post btw~ ;)

norfaridahanum said...

kalo tulis pun takpe.
blog anum ada warning content =p

agak r..belajar pakai duit rakyat kan.kalo bukan sbb amanah,dah lama give up.huhu!

nice post?toksah duk mengarut!aq men tulih je nih.

Nur natasya said...

ha... ak da slmt present nk tecabut kaki bdiri

norfaridahanum said...

RC Pai suka melalut..dingdong tul! [ok,aq rasa aq mmg kna taruh shoutbox kt blog nih] haha

Noorlaila Mohamed Nor said...

aku dah tengok nurkasih wehh
1st time tengok awai
legaaa rasa

norfaridahanum said...

aq pun!!!tgh ujan kebat nih tetiba lak laju ape lagik! siap aq boleh pergi ulang2 pulak tuh=p

enyheartsdiamond said...

adam nur kasih mmg hot!;)


norfaridahanum said...

nur kasih nih je tetiba dia jadik hebat.tym tengku haidar dlm sindarela dlu x brape sgt kan?

*F.Y* said...

adam~~~ *sigh~

nur kasih dah nak habis dah...tidakkkkkkk!!!!

norfaridahanum said...

eyh eyh eyh.sabar =)

Raja Khairul said...

Perhaps, the director should do something with the phenomenon. Maybe searching a new extra actress in India. :)

norfaridahanum said...

haha!adam will be leaving for mumbai, india in next episode or maybe the next episode after that next episode =p

i know the synopsis but too bad it's too late or else i would have been volunteering myself as extra cast.dang!

anith said...

anith ske adam, ramlee awang mursyid! =]

norfaridahanum said...

kan?????sep sket!