Monday, November 02, 2009

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It's November 2nd again. Time of the year.I guess.

When solemness should just strike at the very moment I open my eyes early in the morning.
When all the things should be upsetting me at time I think about it
When study notes should be stick with "to be done tomorrow" sticky notes on it
When every little mistake should get an unreasonable curse in return
When chicken should taste like tauhu and I'll end up starving.

But they all just didn't happen because they shouldn't happen.

As I woke up today....

With smile!!!HAHAHAHA!The classes had been cancelled.So did the practicals.What's left was the first day of Family Planning postings.Yeah,I repeat,Family Planning.Did you hear me???And I went to Lady Goschen Hospital with wide smile on face.Walked out from the hospital with even wider smile.

And further distractions of the day.

Mr.Japan spent adequate time on my vague bebelan and kept laughing at my instant perumpamaan. For example, "susah kalau ada manusia yang dapat pegang IpodTouch rasa macam dah pegang dunia".Okay,I don't know which part is funny either.Though I know many people fail to read my sarcasm.

Mr.Makassar's short phone call really calm me down. It's good actually to know that some one isn't angry at you even after lots of shits you have done on him. Instead,never stop praying for a bright future lies ahead of you.

Mr.Wales loosen me up with his unfinished emotional ramblings on Wad Orang Gila Tanjung Rambutan.[Aku tuntut ko habiskan gak bila ko datang India nanti!]

And my everyday joker,Mr.Copoco who never failed to make me feel 'joyfully annoyed' with his forever mission of being a.....a cat? HAHA![Mama,sila jangan stress duk pikir siapakah gerangan copoco yang sangat misteri nih.nama kucing anum je tuh.huhu!]

Hey hey hey.Enough with those Mr.[s]

Should I list down all my babes,bimbos,'himbos' and darling friends?

Who never stop reading this [and warns me whenever my entries goes sappy.HAHA!]
Who believed in me while I'm still doubting myself like crazy
Who followed me to wherever I want when I came to them with panda eyes.
Who bought me pizza when I actually asked for calling card sampai nangis-nangis!!!!![oh,saat ini sangat kejam ok korang!]
Who called at wee hours when I texted, "Babe,U dh tdo?I nd sum1 2 talk 2".
Who's being busy as a perfect matchmaker of all time.lalalalala~
Who listened to my "gosip baru drama swasta remaja" during lunchtime.[at National Palace Hotel.haha!]
Who slapped me HARD on face whenever I started deterioriating myself.
Who now can only be reached via YM and email but always stay the same
Who keeps proclaiming they are high class hence they are not commenting on any of my writings. [ambik korang sebijik!]


I shouldn't.

Since you know who you are.


You might be one of them.Trust your heart.It's saying you.

Yes,I love you,people!

World always want to offer me happiness.There's no reason for me to let them go unattended.Wasted.

And and I couldn't be any happier to learn that Mr.Al@orang malaysia is getting married [cleo,sila jangan kecewa] Dude,congratulations,I'm happy for you!!!!!!If you ever gaduh with her,just sing relaku pujuk,she will definitely melt!I wanted to ask for a photo but I know,I can easily find it from newspapers later.

ok,done.back to the book.with smile,of course.and putting Kertas-Selamat Tinggal Kekasih Terbaik to the maximum volume.TEEEETTTTT!


*F.Y* said...

cis.....aku dh pikir yg ko mksdkn nama aku tuh yg angel tuh...haha!
tetibe nmpk nama cleo kn...oh ku kecewa~~~hahaha

eh mr AI ni yg sket ari ske nnyi lgu relaku pujuk tu ke? eh die femes ke asal nk msk paper plak?hahaha...
x kecewa pun..lagu tu dh lame2 x best dah. lalalala~~~

Raja Khairul said...

Get yourself one big scope of BR. ;)
Aku tak mampu nk beli.

norfaridahanum said...

eyh babe..ko kan angel aq sntiasa =)
percayalah sygku.muah3!

AL?no komen no komen.ceyh aq plak yg melebih kalahkan artis sebenar.haha!

raja;aq nak angkut yg 4scoops skalik.huwaaawawawa! droolsssss

Raja Khairul said...

Norfaridahanum,sila dtg ke rumah aku. Aku bagi semua stocks ice cream yang sgt best. BR xbest. :P

norfaridahanum said...

ko x sbes2 pggl nama penuh aq.dingdong!!!

sy nak butterscotch pls!!!

cik EPAL said...

charlie's angles ke?? haha

MuniMuni said...

Anum, t aku pos pedang mainan adik aku yg ala2 star wars tu. tak berkarat.

norfaridahanum said...

epal,tuh pun boleh kira gak kot.cameron diaz tuh jiran kepada mak aku punya kawan punya sedara=p


Raja Khairul said...

dengar cerita berat ko dah bertambah. Betul ke? Haha
8 scoops? aku pun tak mampu.

norfaridahanum said...

my angels call me superwoman which beautifully explain why i can telan all the 8 scoops..hahahha!

ada org laloq di gig tadik?siapakah?hahah!

Noorlaila Mohamed Nor said...

sapa tu mr al?

norfaridahanum said...

lela,pi main jauh2..itu bukan isi penting untuk entry nih.kuang3