Wednesday, December 30, 2009

< 157 > I'm Back


I shouldn't be sorry for my hiatus right?

I've told you earlier that I'll be away for a holiday. Get rid of all those thick books.

Of course, there will be few updates about the trip later. I can't say the exact number of how many updates there will be since I'm uploading the photos on Facebook at the same time!!!! Still in the euphoric mode. You can say so.

Hang on.

After all,I'm back.
Fully rejuvenated. Refreshed.

Holla 2010,lets bring it on!

P/S: It's Dian's birthday today and I'm pretending not to remember it. You guys should see her face in the train this morning. Hey, she forgot my birthday last time!!!By the way, we will celebrate it tonight with some friends may be. Yeah, some. From other colleges. Ours? They are still in Malaysia. DANG! O man, a P/S shouldn't be this long right? What does P/S mean anyway,anyone?


Ms.Independant said...

Mr google cakap post script.
But i'm not even sure what its supposed to mean. hehe.

For me,
ps is just like nota kaki jugak!


norfaridahanum said...

tq 4 d info.bimbo skjp,lupa ade google.but i think post script mcm fit je.btul r kot!

anith said...

welcome ck!!

saya suka blog said...

nice blog!

norfaridahanum said...

thank u anith.huhuhuhu!

huhu.saya gembira kalau awak suka

husnabanana said...

kak anum!
bestnya holiday
and chantek2 gmbr:))

norfaridahanum said...

thank u kamu =)
melarikan dr buku slalu best!