Monday, May 31, 2010

Post-Exam Syndrome

I know I should post something here since I'm so done with my exam last Saturday. But too bad, I'm so enjoying this post-exam syndrome.

Like, watching movies. Reading novels. Shopping. Gossipping. Eat and eat and eat. KEMAS BILIK YANG MACAM TONGKANG PECAH!

And last night finally, the gathering of super sengal people.They are like my clowns,my teachers,my brothers,my motivators,my seniors,my friends =) Oh,me love!
No photos to be displayed la pulak.Sorrryyyy. But ABD, ABK, ABG - korang super duper best!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh oh oh.5th semester will begin tomorrow. Am I ready? I don't know. But looking forward for surgery posting. I think I kinda like it,suddenly =)

And as new season comes, new spirit should gather, new inspirations should come. Forget about what had happened last semester. Past is past. Brighter days are yet to come.

This morning I had to go for shooting. WALLLAWEYHHH! Looks like the college is making one advertisement promoting KMC as an international medical college. Well, since I got that international face [hahahahha!] they called me up. Naahh,screw that thoughts. It's just because they have been seeing my face quite a number of time getting involved with stuff around the college. I acted, I sang, I ran, I played and I made circle of friends and I established networks. seems like when it comes to international students, I'm the best candidate lahhhh kan? HAHAHAHA!Perasan angkat bakul!Yvonne,the Chinese super hottie from Malaysia and Devota,a Tanzanian girl were there as well. It was fun [read:funny] nonetheless.

I bumped into Sir Vishwas,Microbiology lecturer cum my badminton coach on my way back after shooting. He started asking about last week incident. Quick info- I cried in the practical hall. BREAKDOWN..toink!I didn't manage to focus the second slide on the microscope.It was so stressful that tears started falling down like London Bridge.

"I saw that happened before. When exam tense is there, you got blackout. Next time if it happens, you just call me, I'll help. Definitely I'll help.I'm here,no? Vishwas is here!!Okay child?No need to worry"
He said that,keeping one of his hand on my head.[Like give his blessings whatsoever]

It was the first time I let people do such thing. You know what, I have this immediate vigorous reflex act whenever people start to do any form of contact with my head. It is like the most protected region of my body, apart from.. you know what. LOL.But he made me feel so calm just now. And seeing him saying "I'm here. Vishwas is here!" was the hillarious part, anyway.

Enough ramblings for this time. Toodles!!!!

And 5th sem, I'm ready. JUST BRING IT ON!


naz said...

hahahaa aww kawan ku model hindustan yawww. capati terbaikkk!! u ni masa sedih hati hati lelaki tak boleh percaya wey haha, boooooo norfa nangis. ok last norfa cayokkk:)

lolalolipoplolita~ said...

comel gile ko kena boo ngn encik naz di ats...hahaha!!!alhamdulillah sudah slesai lg satu stage ko..aku plak nk bjuang start next week..n thanx..again spirit aku cam membara balik bile aku nmpak de post baru kat cni..huhu[sdikit down lately..pre-exam syndrome in my case]huhu..glad dat ur ok!!take care dear!

miss u LOTS and LOTS!!!giant hugs + zillion kisses!!!!

ms. mac said...

surgery best!!

anith said...

mesti mse dye letak tgn tu, rse cm daddy gosok pale!
ke x?

aaah anum mmg kuat nanges!

norfaridahanum said...

naz,sempat lgik u fire i.trima kash utk ingatan.cuma intuisi i jarang tersilap.iA dia berniat baik.

miss u too babe=(((( aq lps exam nih nk online pun mls2.x tau nape.still post-exam syndrome kot. now dah nk start novel ke2 plak.huhu!ko study hard syg,u can.ape2 pun study first.jgn emosi.

faaaa,smlm i tgk hernioplasty.n then pakcik tuh kena sunat.awww~~ haha

cis anith,bukan kuat nanges la..sensitif ok,sensitif!hahaha

ms. mac said...

pak cik tu lmbt sunat??? die org mane?

norfaridahanum said...

org india lah...hindu.
kesedaran sndrik kot.x pun doktor sruh.ala tp,sunat kn bagus kn=)