Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wordless Wednesday #7


shera haifa said...

hntr kad raya buat ayah dan mama kat kg ehh?

norfaridahanum said...

yes shera haifa..sesaje feeling old school pulak tahun nih

psenk said...

*evil look*

Anonymous said...

Revealing the whole add can be careless-act sometimes rite?

you should know better than me.


p/s: the art of relationship is notice, take note and initiate the notification. and you did just wonder by initiate one with your beloved one; a family.

norfaridahanum said...

@psenk : u know that u shudnt be commenting here.

@Anon (lah sangat!) : i hope it's not going to be a problem. used to do it before also. and since i'm no longer a smart student(refer "Love Actually" post),i guess i have no enemies except for myself.hehe